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IELTS essay about people's tendency to live alone and in small households.

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Apr 19, 2023   #1
More people are living alone and in small households. What are the reasons behind this trend? What effects does this trend have on society?

Here is my answer. I hope to get an informative review of my essay.

The preference to live in a big or small family surely has changed over time. The present trend sees people opting to live by themselves or in small families. I will present several possible underlying reasons for this trend as well as the effects that it has on society.

To begin with, the chief reason why people are not leaning towards an extended family is due to evolved societal norms. Firstly, women are more appreciated in the workforce. In the past, women were expected to get married and depend on their husbands for financial support. Nowadays, society has departed from such a misogynistic view and started to see the potential that women can contribute to the labour force. Thus, women who do not want to get married are perfectly capable of that since they can now be financially independent. Secondly, parents no longer expect their children to live in the same house as them, which is a change that the children also welcome. Young people want to live with their significant others with the privacy that they would otherwise lack in an extended family. Besides, living in smaller households teaches its residents to be more responsible towards their property, considering how running a home is no small feat.

This trend, in turn, has also influenced how society works. The economic health of countries is partially compromised by this trend. Since fewer people are sharing a home, demand for housing has increased exponentially. This increase in demand cannot be met with the finite supply of houses, so the value of houses has gone up faster than what people can spend, which worsens inflation through the fluctuation of interest rates. However, there is also a benefit from this trend. More women, whose expertise in most areas exceeds that of men, are joining the workforce. This means that there are more capable and competent employees, which could positively influence the economic health of countries.

In conclusion, more people are leaning towards a life with themselves or with a limited number of people due to the changes in society's mindset. I believe this trend is partially tipping the scale of the economic health of all countries.

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