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Some people have a tendency to spend too much money on purchasing fashion items

Iforsa 35 / 54 5  
Sep 2, 2016   #1
TASK 2 : Is it essential to pay too much cost for fashion?

Some people have a tendency to spend too much money on purchasing fashion items. However, others argue that fashion plays a pivotal role in human life. I personally believe that fashion as primary need has an essential key in society. It is only if people concern more about its function than its trend which boosts coast extremely.

There is no doubt that fashion is human primary need. People need fashion to show their existence in community. Appearance attraction sometimes is defined by its fashion. Office worker, for instance, they need well fashion to attract their client attention. However, it not should be forgotten that well fashion does not mean about high-priced. Its usefulness is the main key to classify fashion as primary need.

Moreover, most people such as public figure tend to be branded minded to reach their living standards. The function of fashion does not important for them. Sometimes, they will buy fashion only to attract publicity. For example, Syahrini as one of the most phenomenal celebrity in Indonesia must spent her money around Rp. 200.000.000,00 only to purchase shoes. It attracts public attention and many media highlight her shoes story in every headline news. This phenomenon proof successfully that people represent fashion as trends not as human primary need which we use to protect our body.

To sum up, despite the fact that fashion is a part of primary demand, some people tend to represent it as a lifestyle. They think that branded is more essential than its utility.

RezaAnandatama17 8 / 14 3  
Sep 3, 2016   #2
Use of hook will give a good mark in our writing .. try to utilize it ..
Let me rewrite your Introduction..

attractive outfit will escalate people confident in their daily activities, aiming that the proponent of such idea promoting spending a lot of expenditure is noting to be worry. While I stand in the line of another side which argue the over consuming leads to stress, I also claim such drawback outweigh benefit.

Turning to you paragraph, you perform an essay which is easy to understand, whereas I suppose this essay orders to answer by using advantages and disadvantages pattern and you do not explain it well in such line

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