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Some people think that it is best to live in a horizontal city while others think of a vertical city

vuvietha 2 / 3  
Aug 19, 2019   #1

high, modern building or a traditional house?

These days, younger often wonder whatever to stay in a building with modern facilities or a grounding house with yard. I personally chose to live in a high-quality apartment in a horizontal city due to many obvious advantages.

Owning a private house is beneficial in some ways. Firstly, people just have to pay less for building services. Besides electronic bills and water usage bills, owners do not need to pay for security service, environmental service and a bunch of requirement fees. Additionally, living lower to the ground is safer for inhabitants when emergencies occur. It is easier for people to escape from fire of a house than a tall building. For example, in the year of 2018, there was more than 3 buildings in Vietnam were affected by fire, most of inhabitants living in higher apartment were lack of survival skills when facing the emergency.

On the other hand, there are variety reasons why people decide to live in tall buildings. One reason is that a city with skyscrapers will have more space for public usage. Small business could rent an apartment from its owner as a small office. Landlords buy these small rooms for rent then earn profits from their renters. Furthermore, a wide rage of goods and services is available for everyone for inhabitants living in buildings. Modern apartments contain a number of free services such as swimming pool, tennis club, parks, yoga, personal training at gymnastic that allow people to approach the best conditions. For instance, my sister is living in a modern building, instead of paying a lot of money for a yoga class, she now could join in this for free.

If I have a choice, I would like to live in a apartment with good facilities for free rather than that of a traditional house.
Veranda 5 / 13 4  
Aug 19, 2019   #2
Hello, I have some suggestions to improve your essay:
1. younger young people
2. whatever whether
3. Besides electronic electricity and water usage bills and water usage bills ( avoid repetition here) same problem with the word "service"
4. when emergencies occur in case of emergency
5. escape from fire of a house than a tall building when fire occurs
6. there are a variety of reasons
jocelyne001 9 / 21 13  
Aug 19, 2019   #3

Personally speaking, I think you can explain more about this topic in the first phrase because you dragged this idea a little too straightforwardly without any description.

Also, in the third paragraph, you mentioned your first argument about the benefit of living in apartments, but you talked the public usage for small business. Actually, I don't really understand what is your statement here, maybe it's my problem ? Public usage for me is like your second arguments which mentioned the free services for residents ( gym, swimming pool, etc. ) I believe if you can explain this more clearly is better.

Hope my suggestions are helpful for you~
OP vuvietha 2 / 3  
Aug 20, 2019   #4
thanks a lot !!!

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