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Some people think international sports event is good for the country. Others think it is bad.

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Aug 26, 2021   #1
I am sorry because I forgot to save the topic. I just remembered like this:
Some people think international sports event is good for the country. Others think it is bad.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

International sports events such as World cup or Olympics attract millions of visitors both inside and outside the host country. Although holding events of such a large scale may do harm to the country, I would argue that it does bring some significant benefits.

Apparently, there are some drawbacks that should be taken into careful consideration when holding an international sports event. First of all, such events may lead to a higher level of pollution. More people coming means more vehicles used and more exhausted fumes emitted. For those reasons, pollution, such as noise and air pollution, gets worse afterwards and severely affects the health of the natives. Another the downside is the coronavirus, a contagious virus. In an era where COVID-19 is rampaging, it is likely that the virus will spread all over the country and kill millions of people if the government doesn't strictly comply distancing and sanitary regulations. Last but not least, there may be threat of terrorism and damage to traditional buildings or cultural heritages due to the carelessness and irresponsibility of visitors.

I advocate celebrating sports events on international scale for the reason that it will be profitable to the host country. During the events, the country can make millions of dollars from many sources such as selling admission tickets or signing ads contracts with famous sports gear brands. Moreover, a lump sum of money can also be made through the traveling of visitors. The events are also great opportunity to promote tourism. Many visitors will spend a few days paying a visit to well-known tourist attractions. What's more, the country should make good use of the occasions to make its good sides such as hospitality, scenic views and so on known to the public.

In short, such huge events when held definitely have some difficulties. However, in my opinion, if the country can deal with the problems effectively, international sports events may help boost the economy of the host country remarkably.

Sometimes, I have difficulty expressing my ideas in a sentence with proper length. Do you have any advice?
Thank you very much for you feedback and you help<3 They are of very good use for me.
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Aug 28, 2021   #2
Any writer who does not use a discussion outline prior to drafting his response essay will find himself writing an uneven paragraph presentation. The writer needs to consider the discussion topic in relation to the discussion question or instruction from the original prompt.

Divide the presentation into paragraphs. Each paragraph should start off with a Topic Sentence that will tell the reader what the paragraph discussion will be about. Follow that sentence with the reasoning sentence, example sentence, additional reasons, then a transition sentence into the next topic ( for hohesive purposes). Accomplish those basic writing expectations per paragraph and the presentation will be well balanced. Make sure though that there is an understanding of the prompt based on the writing instructions. Provide the discussions accordingly.

Aim to write the maximum number of sentences as suggested for maximum scoring consideration. That means, no paragraph should be less than 3 sentences, no more than 5 sentences either. By writing these number of sentences, the paragraph presentations will always be of proper, and of maximum scoring length.

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