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People think teachers no longer play important roles in classrooms

Pao Thang 2 / 3  
Nov 24, 2020   #1

Can technology replace teachers?

These days, the computer is sure to have far-reaching effects on all fields, especially education. Many people claim that with the development of computers, teachers do not have an important role anymore in the classroom. Taking a look at other aspects, teachers still play an essential role for students that they can not be replaced.

First of all, the interaction between students and teachers is vital for learning. Also, in some particular class, students still need someone to help and guide them to study and practice. For instance, It's an onerous task for the learning in creative and thinking class if they do not have teachers guide and encourage them at the beginning and obviously, computers do not solve this problem.

On top of that, experienced teachers know what materials and structured courses to choose from. For example, the studying ability of students is not similar that the teachers who have been approaching and getting close with them as the result the teacher know what are suitable books, speed and methods of teaching for their students. Moreover, teachers who have a long time to get along with students that they understand and may help them to solve the academic problem of theirs, also monitor every slight change in students' attitude, to respond to them whenever they show of frustration and impatience.

To sum up, the computer is popularly used in school for so many conveniences that make students interesting and comfortable in learning activities. However, teachers also bring some special benefits to the student and they still keep a necessary role in the school.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,700 3784  
Nov 25, 2020   #2
There is a direct question being asked in the original prompt. Do you agree or disagree with the given statement? You did not respond to the question directly, which is what this discussion format required. You have changed the discussion instruction from "do you agree or disagree?" to "The essential role teachers plan in learning." Which is a total deviation from the given original topic. As such, your TA score will definitely be failing for 2 reasons:

- Prompt deviation
- Lack of clarity of opinion

Whichever reason the examiner chooses to use will still be a failing score for your TA section. When you change the discussion theme, you fail. When you do not offer a clear opinion where required, you fail. When you present a comparative discussion as you did here, while a single opinion defense was required, you fail again. You need to make sure that you understand the required discussion topic and how to discuss it if you want to pass this test.

Your essay is mainly focused on explaining a teaching style rather than the effectiveness of a teacher in person rather than using computer based learning. You have not presented the discussion based on the discussion clues that were presented in the original prompt. Your failure to analyze the discussion topic from the original presentation is what prevented you from discussing what could have been a passing essay. If the prompt had only been the wrong one that you presented in this essay, you would have gotten a passing score.
phatdanghocielts 3 / 5 3  
Nov 26, 2020   #3
The first thing is that you haven't mentioned your opinion about the topic statement ( do you agree with it or not? )
And I think you should compare the differences between the two instead of talking about only one kind of teaching.
SofiaJohnson 1 / 5 3  
Nov 30, 2020   #4
Great work! Here are a few suggestions from a pair of fresh eyes
"Many people ... ,teachers do not have an important ..."
- the sentence feels a bit off, try teachers no longer play an important role in the classroom

"Taking a look at other aspects, teachers still play ..."
-needs a little bit of rewriting. you are right, teachers are essential to student mental development and connections. I would highlight that in your thesis

"Also, in some particular classes, students still need ... them to through study and practice"

"... task for the learning in creative and thinking class (sounds off, rewrite) if they do not have teachers to guide ... the beginning and obviously, computers do not solve this problem" -doesnt sounds "professional". Maybe include a side note to why computers can't. or why encouragement is important to student development.

"For example, the studying ability of students ... for their students. (maybe divide into 2 sentences. Are you trying to say that the students have different learning styles? if so mention why computers would be a bad choice for individual students) Moreover, teachers who have ... of frustration and impatience." -Rewrite to form a better sentence structure.

" the computer is popularly used in ..."
-I would say that computers are just tools and mediums. yes they could teach but going to school is so much more and that is why teachers are important guides

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