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People treat their birds, cats, dogs as a part of family.

NDLinh 1 / -  
Aug 3, 2017   #1

Appreciation for pets at home

Many people consider pets as members of their family and give them such cosy love. On my opinion, I highly recommend you to have a pet because of three reasons as I am supporting below. They can become your helpful friends whenever you are over working. You can also live an another world with animals. Or they can even help you to be more responsible too.

First of all, people often see their pets as really good friends to talk and play with. I am sure you had some stressful times in working as well as studying. So why not try to have a pet of your own to have some fun with it. For example: If you are tired, just bring your pet with you and hug it, or talk to it. It is really helpful.

Secondly, pets can give you an amazing world of animals. You can learn how to communicate with a cat or whatever you like. You will find it astonishing when you are able to understand your pets. My cat for instance, I find it more comfortable to talk to her when I have trouble with my friends. Maybe it is far-fetched but she sometimes blinks her eyes as she is feeling sorry.

Last but not least, having a pet will also help you to be more responsible. You will have to remember to take care of it as a part of your life. It will make you to improve some skills such as: feeding, bathing,ect. It is not only fun but also helpful.

In conclusion, I think you should have a pet to get all the benefits above. This world is so big that we dont have enough time to experience every things. However treating your pets as a member of your family is affordable.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,880 3554  
Aug 3, 2017   #2
Ngo, the next time that you post an essay for review here, please include the original prompt that you are responding to. It will help me to better assess the work that you did in terms of task accuracy and discussion type. At this point, I cannot do that with this essay. I can however, tell you that you did pretty good work on this essay. You made yourself understood the reader and there no point in the essay when I did not understand what you were trying to say. Having said that, I have to point out the two mistakes that you made in this essay. The first, is in the opening statement where you paraphrased the prompt topic but then proceeded to discuss the 3 reasons that you were going to use to justify your personal opinion. You are not allowed to present facts in the opening statement for the simple reason that the opening statement is meant to only be an outline of the discussion. Once you begin to present facts, you need to fully develop those discussions. That is why the actual presentation of facts are left for the body paragraphs. In the opening statement, you should have stopped at the point where you indicated that you were going to discuss 3 reasons to support your claim. This is the same problem that occurred in your closing paragraph. You continued to discuss an additional reason instead of closing the statement with a summary of the previous discussion, which is the required content for the closing paragraph.

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