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Why do many people use Facebook? (cause and effect essay)

anmaihung 1 / -  
Nov 12, 2014   #1
According to reports Facebook had 901 million users in March 2012 and over 1 billion people over the world used Facebook after 6 months. The number of Facebook's user increases

quickly. There are over 800 million people using Facebook everyday, and over seventy-five percent of users are students. Many are addicted to Facebook. Facebook has become important and indispensable in our life. What are special on Facebook that many people use it?

First of all, people use Facebook to connect their friends. Some friends whom we lost connection for a long time can be found on Facebook. I used Facebook to chat with old friends. I and my best friends share pictures, videos... And I can know more about them. Some of friends in my old class don't have cell-phone but they have computer so my old classmate created a group for class on Facebook to connect other members of class. We use the group to inform the activities of class or school and know each other better. Facebook makes friends come closer.

Secondly, Facebook is where people get "freedom". There is no parent or teacher (the old don't often use Facebook). If your parents or teachers use Facebook, you can change setting that they can't see any status of you. You can say whatever you want. You can write anything without afraid that people "dislike" your statuses or comments. Kenny Sang, a famous Facebook user in Vietnam, said he was a richest and the most handsome in Saigon but nobody can punch his face because they don't know where he lives. The funny part is that a man costumed like Kenny Sang and was beaten on the street on Halloween night. Facebook are so freedom that you can have a fake name, fake back-round and add friends with whom you have never met in real life. One of my friends has over one thousand friend but only twenty percent she knows personally. I had not known she was one of my friends on Facebook until I chatted with her. Her Facebook has a weird name that I had thought she is from England or USA. She has an avatar of a nice-looking girl but not her.

The third reason is that some people want to be famous. It's very easy to be famous like Kenny Sang. And they take "like" is a tool to measure how famous or important they are. More "like" or "friends" is more famous they are. What a weird thinking! Some guys have funny statuses or comment that makes people laugh and "like". Girls have more chances to be famous. They post their photo with some fixing that makes them more beautiful. Many vlogers or blogers are famous by social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. But some do everything to be famous. They have statuses that everybody wants to punch to their faces and Kenny Sang is a great example. Some girls show their breasts or butts and it's so annoying to many people. They create scandal on social networks because of their sociality. They are infamous. They use Facebook, Twitter like a tool to be known. Somehow, Facebook makes people some bad behavior.

Another reason is that Facebook users feel lonely in the real life. And Facebook is a tool that you can feel much better. People's statuses or comments can never be "dislike" so that they can't lose confidence or feel bad about themselves. There is always "like" and that make they feel that there are some people care what they write or have the same thinking. You can meet some new friends around the world. There are some groups, pages that you can joins in or follows. You can find people have the same thinking, the same idea and so on. You can also play games, reads news, watching funny pictures...

I and my friends like using Facebook for some other reasons. Some of my friends use Facebook to find some part-time jobs or tickets for some festival. Some friends used Facebook to ask some experiments in TOEFL or finding scholarship. They also invite playing games that is annoying me sometimes. Some of them use Facebook to advertise for some company they are working for. My best friends use Facebook to watch some good-looking girls' pictures and find some girls to date.

People use Facebook for many reasons. People can connect friends, feel freedom, escape from loneliness, and want to be famous... Those reasons make Facebook popular. That is why over one billion people over the world use Facebook and the number of users never stop increasing. It has become important and necessary to our lifes.

wfe2014 1 / 1  
Nov 13, 2014   #2
I did not read through the whole thing yet, but I see that the last paragraph is not separated. The thoughts are (okay), but organization will need help.
Vns9x 102 / 236 16  
Nov 13, 2014   #3
It has become important and necessary to our lifes.lives

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