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People's view about dress style and the judgement of a person based on clothes he wears

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Nov 3, 2016   #1
Some people say that the clothes people wear are the most important indication of what they are like. Others, however, say that people should not be judged by the clothes they wear. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Dress style have been changing recently. People follow development of clothes to having better appearance. Party of people argue that dress style people is influenced by interest what style they like. I think it is important to wear clothes that suitable with our passion, but we should not give a judgment to people based on their clothing.

Some people feel comfort with their clothes that usually they wear. They will choose cloth and style which suit by their passion. For example, painters, mainly of they like wear casual clothes, or clothes that they love, such as T-shirts, jumpers, and jeans. Because, they feel happy and enjoy with wear it. Moreover, they feel comfort and it not bothers their occupants. Maybe some people feel unpleasant to see, because their look like is little messy. But, it is not problem as long as it not gives disadvantage to the people. However, by some people argue that those style is not good, but it is important to express what people like trough clothing style.

On the other hand, appearance is necessary by mostly people. No rarely people critic the others because of their clothing. In fact, assess a person not only from the appearance, but also can be seen by the background. For example, Facebook founder, a man who love gray color, usually wear gray T-shirts and simple trouser. Because, he is a modest person and don't want be arrogant. Maybe people will judge that he is a poor man, because he wears simple clothes. Factually, he is one of rich man in his country. So, people cannot assess someone from the way of their dress style, because it cannot illustrate personality's person.

In conclusion, dress style is necessary by some people, especially base on their interest. But, people cannot judge only from their views. I think there are other aspects to notice personality's someone, such as see from their background and occupant.
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Nov 3, 2016   #2
Hallo bada.. i try to give some notes for you.. let see!

People follow development of clothes to having better appearance

For grammatical side, i found that you have mistake when using to infinitive.. you said "to having". We know that to should meet with verb 1 so it must be "to have"

For the content side.. hhm i think this statement do not have any connection with your question. I am not sure acctually because there is still in my mind to ask you, is it hook? Because most of us usually directly to paraphrase questions and give the thesis statement. I cannot judge that this is a mistake.. but i only suggest you to paraphrase question directly in your answer ...

I hope it helps and good luck miss bada

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