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TOEFL: Why people visit museums? History/ Broaden Perspectives/ Place of Attraction

camellia2008 12 / 7  
Dec 3, 2008   #1
Thank you so much :)

Many people visit museums when they travel to new places.
Why do you think people visit museums?
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

As a lover of travel, a quintessence of any visit to an excellent museum of a new place would be the best part of a tour, which can be explained by the following reasons.

Primary, it is easy to know the history of the new place. Last year, I went to Ellis Island and the immigration museum, where is a symbol of American immigration and the immigrant experience in the New York. Through the exhibit, I found that the Statue of Liberty symbolized freedom, and Ellis Island may be the place, where the immigration took their dreams and fears. Thus, museums can help us know the history and the customs of a new place.

Secondary, visiting a well-known museum also can broaden our horizon. Those outstanding and diverse range of objects,with classic and magnificent art,is guaranteed to inspire us!

In my city, National Palace Museum is celebrated for collection of ancient Chinese artifacts. To my astonishment, Jadeite cabbage is the most famous artistic work, which is made of jade, is vividly shown.

Moreover,a local museum could be a top choice and destination for tourist to visit. Someone take a trip without making any plans,so they may waste their time on shopping or staying at their hotel. As a result,visiting a museum saves their precious time for making a decision.Most important of all,a local museum represent its own typical culture so that visitors may easily acquaint with the new place in a short time.

For the above reasons, if we have a chance to visit top museums in the world, we must stop by these museums. During our trip, it is worthwhile for us to visit a museum of a new place.

leisterburnham - / 1  
Dec 3, 2008   #2
I like how the examples you give support your different arguments. You really listed the most common reasons to visit a museum
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,334 129  
Dec 3, 2008   #3
As a lover of travel and art, I always enjoy visits to excellent museum when taking a tour of a new place. This essay explains the reasons for the fulfillment that comes from visiting museums.

If you take out the words "primary" and "secondary," the essay will pack a harder punch...

A visit to a museum makes it easy to learn the history of the new place.

Visiting a well-known museum also can broaden our horizons. The diverse range of outstanding exhibits, with classic and magnificent art, is guaranteed to inspire us!

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