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Why people waste a lot of food bought from stores and restaurants and what can be done to solve this

NgTien 1 / -  
Nov 30, 2022   #1

the problem of food waste

Indeed, an excessive amount of food that was bought from stores and restaurants is being wasted these days. This can be attributed to several factors, which can require possible measures to be adopted.

There are several reasons why individuals are wasting a large amount of food. The first obvious explanation is that food is becoming cheaper and being served in extremely large portions in many restaurants. This can cause many customers to fail to finish their dishes and thus, the leftover food would go to waste. The second reason is that consumers, especially young adults, who are busy with their work choose to buy food for the whole week and purchase more than needed. This might increase the likelihood of some products becoming spoiled and also being wasted.

Various measures, nevertheless, can be implemented to address this situation. One possible solution is that restaurants should limit the number of portions that they serve to their customers instead of serving a variety of slap-up meals. As a result, customers can be able to finish the dishes they order without leaving any leftovers. Another approach worth mentioning is that each consumer should make a shopping plan of what they want to buy before going to grocery stores. This is because, it allows them to take control of unplanned purchases and also helps to reduce the amount of food they buy, and thereby preventing food from being wasted.

In conclusion, many reasons can be given to explain why a large amount of food is being wasted, but I believe that steps can be made to alleviate this situation.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,582 4452  
Dec 1, 2022   #2
The essay could have been better developed by the writer. Firstly, he should have properly represented his thesis statement in relation to the direct questions being asked. He only repeated the instructions, he did not give a summarized response to the questions, which left the restatement + opinion paragraph without any true opinion for consideration. Therefore, the score that will be given for the preliminary consideration will be based on a lack of proper response format, no opinion presented, and basically, an incompletely developed paragraph that is lacking in logic and reasoning presentation.

Since this is a problem - solution discussion, the writer should not present 2 problems in 1 paragraph then 2 solutions in the next. A fully developed, properly explained, and well scoring paragraph will:

Sentence 1: Present the problem
Sentence 2: Explain why the problem occurs
Sentence 3: Present a solution
Sentence 4: How to implement the solution
Sentence 5: Give an example to prove that the solution can be implemented in real time

These are the series of discussion points that will create a cohesive and coherent problem-solution paragraph. These are the keys to achieving a high scoring essay based on this format. Kindly also remember to use at least 2 summary sentences in the concluding paragraph to meet the 40 word minimum requirement for that section.
lhyphotos 2 / 3  
Dec 1, 2022   #3
I believe the conclusion could be much stronger. Instead of talking in generalities, perhaps provide clarity. What are the reasons to explain why a large amount of food is being wasted? Perhaps give a call to action, or something of that substance to give the essay more of a sense of finality.

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