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Many people over the world experience water sparsity caused by the spread of the pollution.

Anna94 47 / 56 3  
Nov 20, 2016   #1
What are the causes of water scarcity? What are your solutions?

Many people over the world experienced water sparsity. They are hard to access clean water and some are difficult to find water source in their country. This is because pollutant spread the water sources such as chemical waste on the river. Then, recycling water is offered as the solution by this essay.

One factor caused water scarcity in some regions in the worlds is water pollution. Many things can be a factor to dirty water such as the lack of knowledge of people about the sewage system in which they set it near from water source. As a result, it pollutes water. In addition, an environmental study concluded that 52% water sources in Japan were stained by various factory wastes around them. So that inhabitants could not take water from the river as their water sources.

To overcome water pollution, I think that recycling water is one of the good solutions offered. People can make an invention by using the latest or sophisticated technology. For instance in Jakarta there was a group of students who made a raft of goods to recycle water in an amount of water. For a large quantity, they have to develop it further. In one hand, Australian inventor had made a water recycling which they have recycled their used water to be a clean water for other necessity. Therefore, people may apply their way to conserve water.

To sum up, chemicals from factory or bad sewage system or sanitation may pollute water sources, which will cause water paucity in which lead people to suffer. Thus, recycling used water to use many times can be applied for using water wisely. 274w
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,635 3478  
Nov 20, 2016   #2
Anna, you could score really well in an actual test. In this practice test, your task achievement will be in the range of 6 and above because you were able to properly represent the prompt, offer a solid discussion, and present a commonly known solution to the problem. All of which combine to create a highly responsive essay on your part.

Coherence and Cohesion would be around a 6 as well. You have a logical presentation for your singular solution which has allowed you to better develop your discussion of the solution. While it can still be further developed, the information you currently present works well towards informing the examiner that you have an acceptable grasp of sentence structure and logical discussion formats.

Now, for the lexical resource and grammatical range and accuracy, that would be a 5. You have a lot more work to do in order to overcome the simple words and simple sentence structures that you used in the essay. While there are times when I found myself repeating my reading of your information, I normally managed to understand what you are saying by the second reading. So you did not stress out the reader too much in this instance and you are understandable enough to the other readers.

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