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Percentage of daily intake of sodium, saturated fat and added sugar consumed in meals and snacks

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Aug 13, 2021   #1

saturated fat, sodium and added sugar in meals

The pie charts show percentage of daily intake of 3 nutrients,namely sodium,saturated fat and added sugar which the average person in the USA consumes in each meal.

It is clear that people consume a large of proportion of sodium,saturated fat at dinner and added sugar at snack.All of them have the lowest percentage of consumption at braekfast.

Dinner and lunch contain the highest proportion of both sodium(43% for dinner,29% for lunch) and saturated fat(37% for dinner,26% for lunch).By contrast,the consumption of added sugar at lunch and dinner are lower,with only 23% and 19%.

Turning to breakfast and snack which has comparable percentages,they were both made up of 14% sodium.For saturated fat,there is 21% consumed at snack and 16% at breakfast.Snacks tend to be sugary,with 42% of added sugar and 16% of breakfast to be made up of sugar.
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Aug 14, 2021   #2
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