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IELTS Writing Task 1 - The percentage of five kinds of books sold by a bookseller

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Jun 23, 2022   #1
Hello everyone,

I hope you have a wonderful day and this is my first time upload an essay on this page, furthermore, Im going to have an Ielts test this Sunday so Im practicing my writing skills in order for me to get a higher band. So i need some advice and suggestion from everyone. Thank you.. :D


The percentage of five kinds of books sold by a bookseller between 1972 and 2012.:

The pie chart illustrates the proportion of five different types of books sold on the market between 1972 and 2012. Looking from an overall perspective, it is readily apparent that adult fiction had the most revenue among five types, while biography had the lowest percentage in 1992 and 2012, except 1972, and travel had the smallest proportion of the book published.

In 1972, the percentage of others was the highest, which was 25%, while adult fiction, children's fiction and biography had the same proportion of 20%, and travel had the lowest number of all five types, which was 15%. In 1992, others and biography declined with the same percentage ( dropped by 5%), and the figure of children, adult , and travel genres went up by 2%, 5%,and 3%, respectively.

In 2012, adult fiction jumped to 45%, which is the highest among of all five types, children's fiction rose slightly to 25%, while others took a small dip to 12 %.Travel and biography books fell to 8% and 7%, respectively.(171 words)

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Jun 24, 2022   #2
This is a 4 paragraph presentation. The paragraph number is dictated by the number of images for comparison reporting. One to two images needs only a 3 paragraph presentation. So this the of presentation would be judged as requiring more development.

Identifying the number of images and indicating its data representation within the summary helps to create a concise overview of notable information. Lack of it prevents the reader from receiving a comprehensive run-down of the long report. The trending statement should be easier to keep track of if the trend can relate to image identifiers.

There should be a more comprehensive report for each year via individual year paragraphs. By creating separate analysis paragraphs more in-depth comparison details that can increase the score can be presented.

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