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The percentage of people in each age group who watched a film in cinema regularly (1984-2003)

Panjasrose 3 / 6  
Feb 24, 2023   #1

cinema attendance data

The line graph below illustrates how many people in each age group who watched movie in cinema at least once each month over a period of 19 years starting from 1984

It is clear that the age of 15-24 people had the high frequency of going to theatre and the opposite was true for people who were 35 or over 35 years old . Another noticing thing is that the figures for all age group increased significantly, despite fluctuations

To be more specific , the rank order was 15-24 years old with nearly 20% , 7-14 age group with exactly 10% , 25-35 group and finally 35 and cover group with only around 1% at the beginning respectively. Over this period , this rank order rarely changed but there were a few times when the proportions of 15-24 years old and 7 -14 age group were the same. Over a half of people who aged from 15 -24 in 2003 went cinema at least once a month .

Of the other age group , the figure for oldest group was around 10% more than that of the beginning , while the percentage of both 7-14 years old and 25-35 years old were 30 in the year 2003

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
Feb 26, 2023   #2
Even though you wrote 7 words over the advised 200 maximum word count for this presentation, the report itself is still at great risk of failing due to a number of deduction possibilities. Both of which show a complete disregard for the scoring considerations and writing quality of the author.

The summary overview is severely lacking in proper summarized information. The enumerated listing of age groups are not reflected in the summary, leading to confusion when reading the trending statement. The complete years referenced are also improperly referenced, forcing the reader to do some math to compute the start and end date, when the summary should have clearly indicated these already. Then, there is the problem of referencing the image position on the page. This is an error because the reader is assumed to not have a copy of the image and therefore, cannot refer to the image position as you are instructing him to to.

Lack of punctuation marks to signify the end of a paragraph are also consistently found in the presentation. Sometimes you use a full stop paragraph presentation, sometimes you do not. The choppy writing style in relation to the use of a period will result in severe deductions for the essay that, when combined with the incomplete summary, could well result in a failing score.

Although you have a limited time with which to complete the writing, it is important that you allow for a few minutes before the 20 minute marker to review the essay for the most observable erorrs in your writing. Correct these to limit the deduction possibilities from your score.

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