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Task 1: the percentage of water for different purpose - industry, agriculture and domestic

kelly33 1 / -  
Jan 15, 2020   #1
The charts compare developing country and developed country used the percentage of water for different purpose which divided in industry, agriculture and domestic.

Summarize the information by selecting the main features, and make comparisons

It is noticeable that the proportion of agriculture water is the highest in developing country such as South America, Africa, Central Asia and South East Asia. On the other hand, the majority of water is used in developing country for industry such as North America and Europe.

In developing country, more than 80% of water is used for agriculture in average, the highest was Central Asia at 88%, the lowest was South America at 71%.The percentage of domestic and industry water used by far the most least agriculture. Central Asia uses as same domestic water as South East Asia at 7%, there are 9% higher Africa used, and the figure for South America is the highest at 19 %.

In developed country, half of water is used for industry, the highest is Europe at 53% and North America consumes fewer than Europe at 48%. In both aria, North America and Europe, the second highest proportion of water is agriculture used, which separated in 39 % and 32%. Finally, the lowest percentage of domestic water used at 13% and 15% in North America and Europe.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,753 3795  
Jan 15, 2020   #2
I cannot accurately review your work without the chart / image provided for this task. Please remember to include it next time. In the meantime, let me just give you an overview of your mistakes in this essay. The first problem that I see is the lack of a trending statement and proper summary of the instructions provided for the discussion. The trending statement is an important of the Task 1 test as it shows your ability to analyze the said image in a proper manner. Without it, you will receive deductions in the TA portion of the test. You also did not pay attention to your writing. An aria is a formal musical composition for one voice. An area, which is what you meant to say, indicates the coverage of a measurement. You also did not use an Oxford comma as required when listing related information.

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