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Performing daily tasks without meeting people face-to-face and its effects

phuonganhms 1 / -  
Jun 11, 2018   #1

less interpersonal communication every day

Nowadays, there are more and more people tend to complete their daily tasks by smart devices without connecting with other people in person. This has both positive and negative impacts on individual as well as the society. This essay is going to discuss both sides of the issue.

Thanks to modern technology, routine tasks can be performed very conveniently and quickly without meeting with other in person. For example, people often purchase item on the internet and do banking from home. This increases productivity and help save time, which means people have chance to nurture their spiritual life. Regarding society, the more content people become, the higher living quality is.

On the contrary, overusing of technological devices makes people reliant on and then addicted to them; as a result, people will spend less time connecting with their networks. This results in deteriorated relationships and smaller social circles of a person. It is common to see a group of friends gathering but focusing on their mobile phones instead of chatting with each other. Gradually, this makes the society a place where everybody is isolated.

To overcome those disadvantages, citizens should learn to make the most of advanced facilities more wisely. We also had better use these devices to a certain degree and prioritize to build up our social networks.

In sum, the information age brings in not only significant benefits but also some bad effects which we are hardly aware of.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 10,341 3364  
Jun 12, 2018   #2
Dam, this essay will receive a major deduction in points, which will definitely prevent it from getting a passing score, because you wrote only 240 words. 10 words less than the minimum word requirement for this sort of test. The minimum word requirement is 250 words. You can only expect to be scored properly if you write at least the minimum word requirement. When you are not capable of writing the minimum word requirement, the implication is that you do not have enough of an English vocabulary nor a proper grasp of English writing to help you make yourself understood when expressing yourself in English. You need to write anywhere between 250-275 words (for editing time purposes) in order to direct your essay towards getting a passing score on all counts.

Now, due to the lack of original prompt presentation, I am unable to accurately judge the essay you have written for the purposes of finding your weak points. I need the prompt to measure the appropriateness of your response and then advice you from there. Please remember to post the instructions the next time you post an essay here for review. For now, I can only advise you regarding the most obvious problem in your essay which is the word count.

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