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my perspective on how one should live life to obtain happiness and success!

aaldana1 1 / -  
Dec 24, 2012   #1
This is my first approach as a philosopher! please respond in all honesty opinions and ideas! I love Criticism!
Where to begin? The end of 2012 is approaching with no eagerness to stop. I have not only experienced so many trials and tribulations within the last year, but have also had the opportunity to embrace life in a perspective that I have not once in the entirety of my life ever experienced! I have always lived my life on one simple assumption: one shall have no gain reminiscing on the past, nor thinking about the future! You must live life in the moment and then one shall obtain true happiness! Now some might skew these words or misinterpret them so I will further explain myself. When you live in the past thinking, reflecting, or pondering on the, I should of, could of, would of? You do not progress nor will it bring any value to the enrichment to one's life. It is simply taking two steps back for the single step taken. To progress you first have to get over the past and simply LEAVE IT IN THE PAST! No regrets just lessons learned is hands down the best way to live life successfully! Everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad it happened for a reason and there is nothing you can do about it! So why live your life regretting some incident or life event that occurred 10, 20, 30 years ago, it isn't going to magically disappear into thin air like it never happened. We should always live in the present! So when something does happen you learn from the situation so that you do not commit the error in any similar form and avoid the pain, sadness, or whatever emotion that situation brought to you! Now living in the future is also something that is totally out of our control. Yeah we can plan and hope for the best but realistically life will take its own course and we will just have to buckle down and take life for what it is and make the best of it! I am not saying we can't prepare to make our future brighter, which is one thing I do encourage! You can't just sit back completely and believe your life is going to be picture perfect. That's why we buckle our seatbelts for the ride it is for our own safety and security! Going to college and expanding your education is simply preparing for the future! You do not earn, buy, nor accomplish happiness; if it was that simple there would be world peace! Happiness is something that one may obtain by simply living life to the fullest and letting yourself receive the joy of that simple moment! I stand by words by signing it with the smile that I have daily from the happiness that has found me!

Millin Gabani 10 / 22 1  
Dec 25, 2012   #2
Please try to start with more intellectual sentence

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