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(Persuasive Request) Help in writing a Memo for my English assignment

tonloc1234 1 / -  
May 30, 2012   #1
I have a memo to write for an english assignment. i have never written a memo before and am having trouble with this assignment. here is the assignment can anyone help.

Persuasive Request

Read the following case, and write a persuasive request using the examples in your text for guidance.

You have been working for a busy manufacturing company for over two years now and have worked your way into the Technical Services Division after beginning in an entry level position in Shipping and Receiving. It's a pleasant company to work for, but because everyone is so busy, you just get on with your job and rarely chat with your colleagues for more than a few minutes at a time. Your boss, Pat Banuden, who is the manager of the Technical Services Division rarely has time to say much more than "Hi!" You sometimes wonder if he even knows your name. He seems to be buried under a pile of papers for most of the day.

Two days ago, a customer was telling you about a technical training session that sounded really interesting. It offers to teach you how to speed up some of your existing processes by computerizing many of the functions that are now handled manually. You have been interested in computers for a while, and you know there are some very inefficient practices in your office, especially the parts catalogue on the front desk. Every time a customer requests a special part, you have to go to the printed catalogue and search for a reference number. Every day as you shuffle through hundreds of pages of text, you think to yourself this information should be on-line. You think the session would be extremely interesting and useful to you.

The session takes place across town and you would need a day off work to attend. The workshop is offered by Think-Differently, a company that has an excellent reputation for developing solutions to business problems. It offers hands-on sessions and promises follow-up support when you take your new knowledge back to your company. The workshop is being offered on Wednesday, four weeks from now, and it costs $400 per applicant. You really can't afford to spend that amount of money yourself, but you know your department has a small training budget of several hundred dollars that nobody has touched lately - everyone is too busy just doing their jobs. You think you might be able to persuade Pat to let you go to the session, but you'll have to write him a memo because you are never sure when you will see him next.

Using the strategies discussed in chapter 6, write a memo to Pat asking permission to attend the training session and requesting the $400 to pay for it. You should be as specific as possible and may have to invent realistic details where necessary.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Jun 7, 2012   #2
Hi Tony,

When you write memos, you usually follow a general format, which sometimes may vary according to specific requirements of the institution. In the header part you have ;


Then in the body;

You can also google and find help!

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