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How much petrol expenditure in US and UK influence budget of these countries

A trend of spending on fuel in two major countries

The line graph illustrates the proportion of petrol expenditures by drivers in both United States of America and United Kingdom. Overall, it can be seen that both countries spending theirs income in petrol under 4%.

Looking to the details, in the poorest, United State of America was the higher expenses on petrol stood at 3,9% then increased significantly to over 5%. Followed by United Kingdom with simillar trending.

There was a slow decrease in United States of America expense on petrol to 2,5% which was making to the lowest under united kingdom in richest position. However, United Kingdom saw gradual increase at 4% then decreased slowly to 3,5 which was making both countries just under 4% in expense of petrol from their income.


Hello Septa, I would like to give you some of the suggestions to improve your essay
First, please refer what countries do you compares, AS or US? pay more attention on grammatical error and your amount of words in this task.

Second, in my perspective, the overview didn't correct to explain your graph. You should just impress it with -> Overall, it can be seen that the middle income people in US and UK have equal expense on Petrol.

Moving to your main body paragraph, you should pay more attention the type of the graph itself. The graph didn't use the language of change, just the comparison of two states in 3 categories.
hello mr septa...
your writing is so good, but we have some corrections...
the first, please write more than 150 words it can answer the task response in question and in body paragraph I thing you should try giving more explanation for your body paragraph because it is so less.

next typo: Followed by United Kingdom with simillar similar trending.
thank you....
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