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TOEFL:Pets should be treated like family & Reasons for why it is so

jems007 5 / 10  
Sep 28, 2010   #1
TOEFL essay
Do you agree or disagree with the statement?
Pets should be treated like family members.
Give reason to support your opinion.

In today's generation, pet becomes a favorite among the people. People love to domesticate animal. If people are interested to adopt any animal they should take proper care of them. Although, pets are not family member, it requires all the care which should require for a family member.

I think that I should take care for the entire thing which associated with my life. In my case if I fail to take care of it then it will not be with me for longer. If I or any other person going to domesticate animal, they should care for them to be longer with them. For example, If someone domesticate a dog and couldn't able to feed it on time. What will happen? The dog will going to sick or may found another source of food. Despite, owner going to feed that animal scarcely, it creates more gap between relationship of dog and its careless owner. Therefore little care is equal to the no care. Moreover, we either spend time for pets or don't adopt it.

Of course, no one wants to let away their pets, but if one adopted it, one should know requirement of it. As if we have pets, we should care for them like our child. They require all the activities which one child deserve. For example, they should have bath, everyday. Also they need free walk as well as play to being out from suffocation. They are not different than a life or a human being. They need all the activities which one retire person do.

In case, one has pets, but can't spend invaluable time for pets. What will happen if pets will not have bath since a week? It will lead to grow the germs on the skin of pets. If pets come in contact with any person, then it will spoil hygienity of not only home but also oneself. In result, it will become danger for oneself. Furthermore, is it better to pets starving due to our carelessness? Animal is not a human being, therefore they can't communicate with human. If they are starving, then may do anything which seems like madness.

People are often taking care of their pets as a family member. By considering this, Technology come to the step that one can flourish pets on computer, that is electronic pets. In this, one can feed cat, play with cat on the computer and if they are unable to feed pets then pets starve for that moment and may die. This is innovated by considering interest of people for caring their pets.

Hence, it is necessary to care for pets as a family member to remain hygienic as well as maintain health of the pets.


fordragon 5 / 16  
Sep 28, 2010   #2
pet becomes a favorite among the people.

pets have become people's favorite.

People will take care of animals if they are interested in adopting animals.

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