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The pie charts compare the percentage of a certain school's expenditure annually in UK

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please send me feedback and give me score

changes in annual spending in a uk school

The pie charts compare the percentage of a certain school's expenditure annually in UK in different three years with the 10 years interval starting from 1981. As is observed from the pie charts , the greatest disbursement were spend for teachers salaries, by contrast schools spent lowest amount for insurance totally.

According to the charts, 40% of the school's budgets were spent went on for teacher's salaries, this figure rose steadily in 1991 exactly the half of budget( the total expense) accounted for this staff. While in next 10 years , this percentage, decreased to 45%.after a 10 year it dropped by 5%.the proportion of expenditure other workers salaries decrease dramatically steadily over a 20 year period from 28% in 1981 to 15 % in 2001.the expenditure of Expenditure on resources book , furniture and equipment fluctuated during the period in 1981 spending money on these parts were similar, although in in 1991 resources books' cost were more than furniture equipmet,while this figure decrased significantly in 2001. By contrast this figure for furniture increased frome 15% to 23 % in 2001 with a 10 % decrease in1991.
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Susan, your work cannot be scored because you did not upload the image that was provided to you for your reference in developing your summary essay. It is a pity that you did not upload the image because I can only give you advice once. Without the image for reference, I am unable to give you a complete review, inclusive of a score. While you did write more than 150 words, you did not properly format the essay. You ended up with only 2 paragraphs instead of the normal 3-5 paragraphs per essay summary. Had you properly divided the content and summary of your second paragraph, you would have at least come up with the required 3 paragraph (minimum) essay. By the way, the summary overview needs to be at least 3 sentences long, as with the your concluding paragraph as well. Your second paragraph should have only had 5 sentence maximum also. You have to learn how to divide your discussions, while also lengthening it to 5 sentences so that you can develop complex word structures and fully developed explanations in your paragraphs. I am not sure if your essay accurately depicts the image you were provided since you did not upload it with this essay. I am sorry but I cannot perform a miracle. I cannot score your essay because of the missing image. Neither can I review your essay again, then score it, even if you upload the image after this posting because contributors are limited to one advice per thread / essay. I will however, score your next practice test if you remember to upload the image for my reference.

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