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The place where students hang out

SheGoesLalala 1 / 1  
Oct 22, 2017   #1

library's experience

I went through the big doors of our library, which were new to me. As I walk in, I felt the carpet that was made thick but comfy. This made the people deaf for not hearing my footsteps.The wooden furnitures with different purposes are the first things you'll see when entering. The big windows let the light enter which then make it easier for students to read. The librarian was so busy, probably listing the names of the books. The students have their own groups. Some are not reading but are just sleeping, listening to music, and talking with each other. The books are arranged into two sections, the fiction and non-fiction.The former are arranged alphabetically, while the latter are arranged according to the "Dewey Decimal System".

Please help me to edit this composition and also making it more beautiful.Thanks!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,678 4113  
Oct 22, 2017   #2
Sam, here is a sample of how you can improve the grammar and presentation of your statement. I hope you can use it to model your own original work after. Good luck with your grammar and usage practice essay. Actually what you wrote was not bad. It just wasn't imaginative / creative enough for the required title / prompt.

Walking through the enormous library doors for the first time, the carpet felt thick under my feet. Thick, but soft, it made me feel comfortable as I stepped into the room. The carpet wasn't there for comfort though, it was there to muffle the footsteps of people in the library. After all, silence was of the utmost importance in this hall of study, where dedicated and devoted students hung out after classes in order to continue their studious manners. The wooden furniture caught my eyes along with the wide windows that allowed natural lighting into the room, making it easier for students to read their materials. I noticed the librarian was busy, perhaps jotting down important library business. I noticed that the students were divided into groups, funny enough, they were not studying but sleeping, listening to music, or chatting in low voices. As I walked the library halls to familiarize myself with the room, I noticed that the books were divided into fiction and non-fiction sections, in an alphabetical manner, using the "Dewey Decimal System". As I came across a group of students, one of them, who was in my English class waved to me, asking me to join them and relax while studying. I did not need much coaxing to join them. I was happy to hang out with my schoolmates after class.

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