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I have many plans for the future but my greatest goal is to be an English teacher.

linhmonnn 1 / -  
Apr 4, 2015   #1
Hi all,
I'm Vietnamese, I have some problems with writing and my vocabulary is quite bad. Would you please help me?

I have many plans for the future but my greatest goal is to be an English teacher. The first reason for being an English teacher is my passion for English. I love it su much that I can listen US/UK music, Watch US/UK movies, read books in English all day. Therefore, I hope to inject this passion into my students in the future. Secondly, being an English teacher gives me more opportunities to travel to different places which helps me stretch my knowledge about different cultures, food, people and their life styles. For instance, I have just heard a story about a Vietnamese English teacher teaching in Laos. By teaching there, she realized that although Lao people were poor, they were extremely studious, she also knew that the Lao fond of fried food which was made from insects, etc... Besides, I am also eager to introduce my country to the world, maintain good relationship with other countries. The last thing makes me want to be an English teacher is to help the poor who can not afford to study. I hope to bring English to them because it is an international language that allows the young to approach to the modern technology which will better their poor lives. For all reasons mentioned above, English teaching career contributes many benefits to human life. For me, to be an English teacher is not easy but it makes me useful for our lives nad society, I will try my best to fulfil my dream.
lcturn87 - / 435 236  
Apr 5, 2015   #2
You can make this into two sentences. You can add a period to the end of "future" and start the second sentence as: Yet, my greatest goal is to be an English teacher. By adding the word "Yet", you show that this is a plan that you are going to be writing about as a topic.

Watch your spelling! The word "su" is actually "so". Also, shorten your sentences. Sometimes, writers feel that having longer sentences will make their writing really good. You are a good storyteller. Making shorter sentences will help you. Furthermore, be careful about using commas. After you use a comma,check to see if the word that follows or is after the comma needs to start with a capital or lowercase letter. (Example: New York would be capitalized because it is a state. Yet, "watch" would be lowercase because it is a word.) If you are unclear about the meaning of a word don't use it. This is my advice to any writer. For example, stretch is physical. You can't stretch learning, but you can increase it. In English, the word increase is a good word to use if you want to say that you want to know more about something.

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