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Toefl essay: Playing computer games is a waste of time

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Sep 9, 2011   #1

it is no longer notorious as people think

Because of the quick progress of computer science, subsequently coming are the PC games, or video games. Although most of the people believe that PC games bring only disadvantages for children -- which usually lie in health or mental development aspects, PC games sometimes have their values on education and psychological treatments.

Even though some of PC games are full of blood, violence, sex that are not appropriate for children, a well designed PC game can be a useful and interesting teaching material for students to learn something that may bore them in their textbooks. For example, children who spend time playing Age of the Empire published by Microsoft can easily understand civilization development-- the process from a stone-age tribe to a powerful empire, from a hunter to a farmer, from a savage to Alexendar the Great. Besides, during the game, kids can learn how to cooperate with others to reach their goals, to get the champion. As a result, being an avatar in PC games can cultivate their social abilities.

Another bright aspect of PC games is that some of them are produced to cure psycological diseases. Recent studies have pointed out that PC games are able to help children with learning disorders concentrate on their works. Also, they can be used to stimulate brain neurons, whose number will decrease and whose function will degenerate when people become elder. Therefore, PC games are not so useless as the public think because of their application on clinical therapies.

In spite that there are some demerits this technological products have brought us, we should always remember that everything has its value, which is judged by how human beings use it. Although some PC games may have vicious effects on youngsters, parents, the public, or the administration can put some restrictions to prevent improper games' publishing as well as support research groups to design more beneficial PC games. Thus, playing computer games is no longer notorious as people think.

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