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Playing computer games is a waste of time. Children should not be allowed to play them.

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Feb 8, 2017   #1

computer games and kids

People have their own preferred type of entertainment, and each one has its's own appeal. Computer games are one of those and it is now one of the biggest brach in the entertainment business. In my opinion, playing computer games is not a waste of time. I feel this way basically for two reasons that I will explore on the following essay.

To begin with, playing videogames can develop one\'s overall knowledge and culture, which are two things kids seeks but are difficult to achieve in some more traditional and passive manner like books or classes. On a more engaging and interactive scenario, computer games have a much more appealing approach and can be a much more easy and pleasurable way to teach the often curious mind of a children. My own experience is a good example of this. When I was very young, I already played a lot of videogames. In the beginning it was only some actions to repeat and buttons to press. But as the games was evolving and I was getting older, they began to have more complex design and often you would had to read and listen to english instructions to complete a given task or even understand the whole story. On that sense, I've got my first english classes while trying to complete some games. It is incredible how I was motivated to finish a virtual game that also brought an curiosity and determination to understand another language and increase on my overall culture and knowledge.

Furthermore, while purposing new situations and challenge, a game could train and improve a person's cognitive system, which a children can profit in a more relevant way. Nowadays games are being used in many more forms than just entertainment. It is used in a school to help children with math, in a job interview to help evaluate candidate's logical capability and in some services to help train users' cognitive memory. As I said above, I played a lot of videogames in my young age. In that matter, it helped me with logical puzzles and decision making situations. Also, it can help you train your mind into stressful situations while you play your way through some timed tasks. It can assist the development of those skills in any gamer but children would most benefit from this since their brains are more susceptible for learning new abilities.

In conclusion, I strongly think computer games are not waist of time, specially for children. This is because it can help improve one's culture and knowledge and it can improve people's cognitive system.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,026 4247  
Feb 8, 2017   #2
Json, please post the complete prompt for this essay discussion. The prompt must always accompany all of your future essay postings if you want us to be able to give you an accurate and thorough review of your work. There are 4 considerations in scoring your essay that will be based upon your ability to respond to the prompt instructions. Right now, I will unable to score those sections as I do not know what the prompt expects you to present in your response essay.

Overall though, you have some grammar structure errors such as having a slash sign along with an apostrophe S. It is important that you review your work for punctuation errors before submission so that you can have a better score in the grammar accuracy range of the scoring considerations. That also goes for the way that you spell words. I think you meant to say "branch" instead of "brach" right? You also need to know the difference between words. Just because the word sounds the same when pronounced does not mean that the word you spelled is the one to be used in the sentence. You should have said "waste" of time, not "waist". The waist is a body part while waste means "use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose." If you are unsure about the way to use a word, and you know how to spell it, look up the meaning first. Don't just use the word because, when used in the wrong manner in a sentence, this will result in a lower lexical score for yourself.

The rest of the discussion seems to be alright. Again, I am making that judgement without knowing what the actual discussion type and information requirement of your essay is. I can offer a better insight into your work once you post the complete prompt here.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,026 4247  
Feb 8, 2017   #3
Wow! Json, you blew this discussion out of the water! What an almost perfect discussion you presented in defense of your opinion. The fact that you use a personal example in defense of your belief, and in such an accurate manner, will definitely increase your task accuracy score. The grammar corrections also helped to boost your score in the GRA section. Now, while there are still some parts that do not have perfect sentence development due to some mistakes in sentence formation, this version does not cause any undue stress on the reader. Your discussion, while showing some grammar problems, comes across clear and understandable in terms of content. So no worries there. I would score this essay a 6 overall. Word of advice, please work on developing your past tense usage skills. Practice those in order to help you better establish your time line discussions in your essay. For example when you said "But as the games was evolving..." , the correct presentation would have been "... the games evolved..."

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