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Playing Outdoor Sports - Essay - Help

narrendran5 1 / -  
Apr 28, 2012   #1
Nowdays , People Say Playing Outdoor Sports Is Healthy And IT is more enjoyable. During Weekend , I play outdoor activities as Modern Life is so busy that I Have To Concentrate my studies . Playing On Weekend , Make Me make new Friends and get in touch with older friends. Playing outdoor sports is important as it keep us healthy and active

I Usually Sports Like Soccer On Weekend . We Usually Play So .
I Play Soccer Because
I soccer At A Big Field Near My House . I Play With My School Friends

I Play Soccer because I Play This Sports Since Young age And I Like Playing Soccer . It Help Me Strengthen Bonding With My Friends . Playing Soccer Keeps Me Fit, keeping me fit. Some Of My Friends Play Computer Games , They Do Not Know The Importance OF Playing Outdoor Sports . Playing Outdoor Sports Make Me Channel My Anger Like Kicking The Ball Or Shooting The Ball .

I used To Play Soccer For Competition Like Police Youth Programme , Inter-Class Competition . Playing On Team Makes Me Proud And feel A Sense Of Belonging .

Playing Soccer Make ME Create New Friends , Meeting Old Friends And Making Enemies Into Good Friends . Like My Classmate Before , Cornelius Used To Bully Me , After The Captain Asked Me To Partner Play With Him , There Was Obstacles , But Now We Are Best Buddy .

Please Help Me Correct . nervous For English Exam !
I WIll Like To Help Other People , My English Is Not Really Good !Thank Anyone Who Help Me !

Helper01 - / 2  
Apr 28, 2012   #2
In this new millennium era, outdoor sports are said to be fun, enjoyable and could help in maintaning a good health. As to support my statement, I do involve myself in outdoor sports even though I had to concentrate on my studies. Soccer is a sport which I played often during the weekends because coincidentally, there is a soccer field near my neighbourhood. My interest in soccer began to build up back when I was a little boy and I love playing it till now. What I've learnt from my experiences are the importance of bonding relationships between friends, co-workers or relatives and the benefit of sports in keeping our body at optimum health level Also, playing sports such as soccer is a great way to release tensions and angers. Besides that, I participated in inter-school soccer competition and soccer competition for Police Youth Programme. By participating in competitions and having the opportunity to play together with my team created a sense of belonging within me because I knew my team always has my back. I had widen my circle of friends, met my old classmates and distant friends and had new friendships with my enemies. I had an enemy in the past but after we were partnered together by our captain, we had build a new friendship and who could have know, we are best buddy now.
ana_p 27 / 81  
Apr 28, 2012   #3
Hi Narrendran,

I would suggest that, arrange your essay in a proper format such as introduction paragraph, main body paragraph and then last conclusion paragraph. Don't write each and every word in a capital letter. Beginning of each sentence should be in a capital letter.

Hope it helps:)

Good luck.

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