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Playing sports teaches people more lessons about life.

Aug 15, 2010   #1
Nowadays, lots of people in China are fond of playing sports. They regard sports as a method to exercise effectively and a way to learn about life. Though some people, who object to the idea, hold the point that it only wastes time to play sports, this idea is fashionable in my country. Personally, I think sports, such as basketball and tennis, really help learn how to be a man.

First and foremost, if people keep on hard sport training for a long period, they will have courage to conquer any challenge in their future. When people take a training program, feeling painful and exhausted is definitely common. If one can undergo the program, he or she will never surrender to any difficulty because compared with that in sports, the suffering in daily life is quiet easy to bear. For example, my neighbor, Join, is very proud of his experience in a tennis training program. In the program, he had to run 5 miles everyday, which was really a tough task for him. During the days, he felt extremely tired and once wanted to quit, but finally he determined to carry on. Today, he is a senior executive in PetroChina Company Limited. He owes his success to the program because it makes him stronger and braver. Life abounds with examples like this. From Join's experience, we can easily conclude that sports can bring us courage and endurance, both of which are valuable in our life.

Second, people can learn how to work with others from team sports, such as basketball and football. No one can deny the importance of team work in our career. Nowadays, communication and interpersonal skills are becoming more and more useful and essential in team work. Sports can teach us those skills. For instance, among my friends in university are Joy and Michael, who are the members of university basketball team. Whenever we have a group assignment, they will organize our discussion. In addition, when we have different ideas, they will show their great ability and make us agree on a point. They think that they learn this ability from their basketball team, because the team needs to discuss together and figure out a tactic when facing a basketball game. Our society is filled with examples like this. Obviously, we can grasp the knowledge about team work through sports.

The last but not the least, risky sports can provide people with confidence. It is confidence that makes people overcome difficulties and realize their dreams. Under no circumstance can we lose self-confidence. But how can people gain confidence? In my opinion, sports can help. For example, one of my child friends, Lily, was afraid of bungee jumping in her childhood. Once her family had a journey to Daqing Mountain, with her parents' encouragement, she was reluctant to have a try. Through the experience, she learnt that nothing is impossible. Therefore, the striking example shows us that confidence can be developed through playing sports.

In sum, though doing sports costs much time, it is worthwhile because it can give you courage, communication skills and confidence. Based on the above analysis, we can safely come to the point that playing sports teaches people many priceless lessons about life.

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Aug 16, 2010   #2
First and foremost, if people keep on training hard for a long period of ti me, they will have courage to conquer any challenge in their future.

The Last but not the least, risky sports can provide people with confidence.

Hey, this is so excellent. You must have many years of practice with the English language, or maybe you grew up in a bilingual household? This is really very good.

You mention communication skills as a benefit... and I think you should mention communication in the first sentence of the paragraph about teamwork. That is something that might make the essay's structure a little better.

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