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From my point of view, i firmly believe that the merits of Internet far outweight its drawbacks

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Dec 2, 2021   #1

The Effect of the Internet

Topic : Some of these changes have been negative, the overall effect of this technology has been positive. What are your opinions?

The internet has brought about drastical changes in our lives in recent years. It is certain that those changes are highly controversial about whether they made our life better or they only worsen our society. From my point of view, i firmly believe that the merits of Internet far outweight its drawbacks.

The very first notable advantage is that our communication method was revolutionized. Then, the only option we had was letter ,which was highly inconvenient as it could take a while to being transfer. As for now, with a smart phone we can send tons of messages in matter of second, and not just words, profiles, pictures can easily be sent regardless of places or times.

Along with that, the Informations are now extremly accesible. The internet contain nearly all the news, knowleadges and informations on our world. With just few buttons you will get not only the exactly information but also further details about it like pictures,etc. Unlike in the past, we could obtain news through newspaper and advance knowleadge for a research might take weeks in a liabry.

Admittedly, not all the informations on the Internet are valid and trustworthy. As we could potentially expose to offensive or misleading source for instance: fake news, violent videos,etc. While the Internet also cause many social problems like Internet addicted, online harrasment,etc. Nonetheless, if we're carefull enough, we will benifit greatly from the Internet.

By way of conclusion, i restate that the influence of the Internet on our life is positive because not only does it connect us to the rest of the world but also save us a vast amount of time.
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Dec 3, 2021   #2
Okay, you have presented the discussion based on general observations of the given topic. Acceptable, but could have been better. Remember how the statement asks what your personal opinion is? The discussion was basically asking you to present the discussion based on your personal experience while using the internet. What did you see as benefits to you personally? What negative attributes affected you? How did these 2 experiences combine to create your final opinion about the internet? While a general discussion based on public knowledge is good, the personal point of view and experiences would have earned you more considerations score-wise since the reasons provided came from the anticipated personal experience and point of view as opposed to generally known facts. Do not get me wrong, the essay delivers, but it could have delievered more your final score if it had been approached differently.

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