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Poor people and people from rural areas and universal education

lynn1901 1 / -  
Feb 18, 2019   #1

helping hand to students from a low-income families

It is a fact that students who come from low-income families and remote areas find some difficulties to enter to higher education. Many people believe that it is high time for universities to take action to help these students. In my opinion, I totally agree with this idea to some extent.

First of all, higher education posses a tough situation on rural students. The main reason for that is the low quality of lower education such as high school and secondary school. In some areas, teachers are people who graduated from some local schools without any special valuable training. As the result, rural students do not gain enough knowledge to compete other pupils when they participate in the registration test for entering university . In some case, thier families could not afford the university's fees and expenses due to poor financial condition. Since the shortage of financial resources, many people have to give up study and start working after graduating high school.

Secondly, there are some reasons that university should open a chance for poor and rural students. the first explanation is the equality for all people who have desire for learning. For example, people who lack of financial condition might be subsidized by some scholarships while those suffered low- quality education might be plus 1 or 2 grade on thier entrance tests. As a result, these actions of university would encourage traditional fondness of learning.moreover,it is proven that succesful oppotunities in career of individuals who followed tertiary education is incredibly higher than those who did not. These intelecture workers could invaluably help their country to gain a competitive edge over other countries.

In conclusion, because of some difficulties that student's from low background economy and remote areas have to be suffered, i am of the the idea that some easier pathways for these students should be established by university

Holt - / 7,528 2001  
Feb 19, 2019   #2
Lien, please remember to time yourself during the pencil practice test. Always allot at least 10 minutes of editing time towards the end to polish and perfect your essay presentation. This current version is over 300 words, which is unrealistic when you consider the amount of time allotted to complete this test. Do not write more than 275 words if you want to be sure that you can properly edit and revise your essay. Why am I focusing on this in relation to your work? Well, you have writing mistakes that, as far as I can tell, could have been avoided or corrected if you had allotted editing time to your work prior to submission. Your mistakes mostly affect your LR and GRA scores in this essay. Since you did not share the actual discussion topic and instruction (prompt) with us, I cannot comment on the appropriateness of your response and its presentation format. Please provide complete discussion instructions next time you post here to receive a more comprehensive review of your work.

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