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The most popular attraction places visited by tourists in England

nsahmad 11 / 14 3  
Nov 19, 2015   #1
Tourist who visited four different attractions in Brighton - IELTS task 1.

A breakdown of the proportion of tourists to England who visited four different location of attraction in Brighton, Art Gallery, Pavilion, Pier and Festival during three decades is presented in the line chart. Overall, it can be seen that four location had shown the different percentage of visitors over the period. In any case, although the percentage of visitors in Pier and Festival showed constantly, there was a dramatic decrease in remaining location after representing rise in each time of the both places.

As per data, the most popular attraction place visited by tourists was Festival 1980, at 3% visitors. Compared with attraction in Pavilion, the gap between both locations had narrowed. Interestingly, in the next a half decade, Pavilion had the highest number of tourists over the history. However, Festival unchanged relatively until the next three decades, which was recorded as the second highest in the last time.

Turning to the last couple locations, Art Gallery and Pier witnessed the same pattern in previous two decades. While the both places had big gap at the time, Pier undertook the number of visitors in Art Gallery in 2005. In contrast, Art Gallery, starting at 20%, finished to the lowest in the end of period.

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