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ielts the position of women in society , juvenile delinqeuncy relationship

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Dec 29, 2011   #1
TOPIC THE POSITION OF WOMEN IN SOCIETY HAS CHANGED MARKEDLY IN THE LAST TWENTY YEARS .MANY OF THE PROBLEMS YOUNG people now experience. such as juvenile delinquency ,arise from the fact that many married women now work and are not at home to care for their children

Gender equality and the roles of women in our society are among the most debatable issues in modern communities. But many people believe that there are new problems which derived from these .The increase of delinquency among the young people is one of them.it is undeniable fact that many married women now work because of money or their personal interests. But is careless the main reason of juvenile delinqency.

The characteristic of a young person are influenced mostly by enviromental factors. Parent, especially mothers play very important role during the time when person's character is formed. That is why there is wrong perception in which people believe the increase of role of women in society creates a basis to juvenile delinquency . it is wrongly estimated that married women work instead of looking after their children and this is the main reason of illegal behaviours among the young people. however, in my opinon, the role of a second steady income in child's life is a real fact.Especially , if one of the family members works part-time , it will bring much more money and certainly care to his or her family.The financial maintainance will definitely impacts on child's future development.

In conlusion, Looking for reason of juvenile delinquency in such issue is not right way to go. Instead of staying all day at home , it is more useful for women to work .As we see , if woman works , it does not mean a decrease in childs' mental development. Both material and spirtual welfare are very important factors. Staying at home all day does not mean that she looks after her child .

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