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'Positive, acceptable, truthful, and loyal' - a good friend essay

Salikron 5 / 21 1  
Oct 27, 2012   #1
I never learn English before.This is my first time. So, I can't write English correct. cause I learned it myself .I don't have a teacher to teach. But I never give up. I spend my free time after work. read this web everyday. I'm trying to see many eassy here and comment for improving in learning my english. I'm feeling thank you this web and everyone that devote the time to check my eassy. Yours kindness make me want to improve my english more. Thank you. ThANK YOU. ^^

The characteristics of a good friend.

There's no denying that friends have a tremendous impact on preple lives. Good friend makes the good times even better,and the bad times more beareble. They encourage when one is sad and entertain when one is lonesome. Moreover, they listen when one has problems and suggest those solve problems. We can say that a life without friend is no life at all. However, friends could faking it or been concealing some secrets too. So, it is very important for one to recognize all the friends has because good friend are hard to find. In my opinion, good friend must have three characteristice are position thinking, not try change the other and loyal.

The first characteristics of a good friend is positive thinking. She should be positive person. That is, she must see a good think in the others. She must support when they need it. For example, perhaps they always wanted to be a writer, she will give them the emotional push you need to go after what they want in life. Moreover, she must help they when they're feeling down or need some extra speacail. For example, when they're feeling to lack the confident themselves, she should be side them and encourage untill they're feeling better. She should be a good listener and a good person.

The second characteristics of a good friend is she must not try to change the others. She should accept what they are. For example, they like to eat meat, she should not tell they have to be vegetarian, or anything else like that. She must be generous and respect others. Futhermore, she should always invite they to try something new, but don't want to try to control them. Being a good friend with the other because of who they are now, not because of who she want them to be.

The three characteristics of a good friend is loyal. This is one of the biggest signs of a good friend. She must be loyal and trustworthy. For example, she must avoid gossip or speaking badly about others. She should be reliable. She must protect they's secrets under any conditions. Moreover, she should be honest and not measured.

In conclusion, the above paragraphs have discussed three characteristics of a good friend. The first characteristics, the good friend must be positive: being support and help when they're in troble. The second characteristics, the good friend should not change other and accept what they are. The last characterists, the good friend must loyal, trustworthy and honest.

dumi 1 / 6,928 1592  
Nov 11, 2012   #2
Great effort Salikron... we would help you at our best! I'm too a non native English speaker and made use of this website for improving my English. This is a great place for keen learners like you. Read as many as you can... I think that are written on IELTS and TOEFL topics are the best for you to start with since they talk about general things that you do in your day to day life.
OP Salikron 5 / 21 1  
Nov 27, 2012   #3
Thank you so much Scientiana. ^^
I really appreciate it for your revising.
Thank you again for your worth time to check my eassy.
I will keep up my good work. Thank you Thank you Thank you >//<

Thank you a lot Dumi ^^
I'm thankful for your kindness and the topic that you picked for me.
Thank you again for your help.I will do what you suggest.Thank you so much. ^^
Thank you Thank you Thank you.

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