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IELTS task 2 practice: The relation between poverty and crime

vuthuylinh2611 1 / 3 1  
Aug 3, 2019   #1
Hi everyone, I am Lynn and I am new here. I would appreciate if you can leave your comments to my below essay. Many thanks

Write a paragraph base on the following questions:
1. What is poverty like in today's world?
2. What do many people think poverty cause?
3. What do you believe?
4. What is the first reason for their misconception?
5. And the result?
6. What other reason can I add?
7. What is my conclusion?

offenses against the law connected with poverty

According to data from World Bank, the world is becoming richer with people living in extreme poverty is decreasing rapidly from 44% in 1981 to under 10% in 2015. However, there is still a stigma attached to poverty today i.e. poverty is the main cause of crime. In my opinion, this is a misconception.

First of all, it may be logical to assume that extremely poor people can't manage to earn enough money for food and necessity legally so they are willing to break the law to make both ends meet but with more and more poor people escaping the living condition with less than $1.90 per day, this assumption has become a bias. Secondly, wealthy people tend to be well-educated and understand the legal system better than low-income people. As a result, in case they commit a crime, they are better at concealing it. Finally, if a rich man get caught doing something illegal, he can afford to hire top lawyers to defense him in court while a poor man in the same situation cannot do the same thing.

For the above reasons, poverty can not be considered the main cause of crime. We have to avoid judging anyone base on his income to ensure that everyone is treated fairly in the justice system.

Toan dep trai 1 / 7  
Aug 5, 2019   #2
Can I ask what kind of prompt is this because this is the first time I have seen this prompt. Why is this essay only consisting of 3 paragraphs? Because of this kind of question?Basically I really want to help you but because I am not clear what kind of question in IELTS task 2 is this :).
OP vuthuylinh2611 1 / 3 1  
Aug 5, 2019   #3
Hi Toan

This is not a real IELTS test. It is in a book by Sam Mc Catter to build up flexibility in writing in general before practicing the test questions. It aims at improving the skills to find ideas and organize them. Since I started preparing for IELTS only one month ago, I want to focus on enlarging my general knowledge and skills in general before doing the practice tests.

P/S. It's kind of silly but why do an IELTS essay must consist of more than three paragraph? As I am totally new here I would welcome your explanation.

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