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What are the prerequisites for further space exploration - a national pride or international effort?

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Nov 24, 2015   #1

prerequisites for further space exploration

Space exploration is such a commonly used term in twentieth century. It simply means that astronauts have become integrated national pride than effort of international issue. While it is utterly true as it made the country proud, it is claimed that international effort can manage potential of space. Also, in the future, it is forecast that astronautics of human exploration to space is possible

Field research of space exploration has been largely been pride of region. The reason for this astronautics existence made the country obtaining chiefly achievement. For example, a photograph history of Neil Eden Armstrong was the first American astronaut who walked on the Moon in 1969. He put the USA flag in the land of Moon. Interestingly, people around the world were surprised due to the American's success. As a result, America has been the most popular country which landed the first astronaut. It is a prestige for the nation.

By contrast, people argue that space exploration is international effort. Due to the fact that, some countries have collaboration on the same project how to manage the potential of space. For example, American and Europe have provided satellites to monitor the Earth's fragile environment. Those countries can provide information on the survival of extreme environments. Consequently, space exploration is meaning the effort of international communities.

It is projected plan that it will be possible for human living in other planet. Many researchers help us to explore ideal environments for human in the future. The NASA Haughton-Mars Project has been attempting to test communications and exploration for the exploration human of Mars. Also, geologists and biologists gather to help understand potential of Mars for human.

In conclusion, although country becomes pride due to space exploration, it is argue that international effort is highly useful to encourage space potential. This is projected that the human exploration will be happened in the next time.
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Nov 25, 2015   #2
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While it is utterly true (NEED A COMMA) as it ... proud, (NEED A PERIOD) It is claimed that ...

Due to the fact that, some ...

Consequently, space exploration is meaningINVESTS the effort ...

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