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In the present, developing of modern technology has made our world better than it was in the past.

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Dec 2, 2016   #1
Modern technology is changing our world. This has advantages such as bringing people closer together through communication. It also has disadvantages such as destroying the differences between cultures. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

In the present, developing of modern technology has made world better than in the past. Some people argue that, the benefit of this situation is the communication of each other people more good, but the drawback of that is make the culture from others people or states become destroy. And personally, I extremely believe that the positive effect of improvement of technology and disagree about the disadvantage that is explained.

Firstly, modern technology brings increase of the changing our world, this situation causes people in domestic can know about the information from international countries. For instance, in the past people just found news in radio and just news from local area, but now from the internet ,television or other facilities we can see anything, however we are not there. On one hand, this situation have made developing countries like Indonesia more familiar , because the information rose rapidly, such as information about the pretty area like Bali, Lombok, or Bandung. Although there is merit about the technology, but some people assumed that it will destroy of different culture, and I tend to disagree regarding this opinion.

Technoology causes societies more underestand with other culture in several areas. We can find this information and learn of culture through youtube without pay accomodation to go to there. So, i think that with the modern technology makes humans more get information fastest and it will not damage other culture of people. It refers to explanation of art and culture agency from United States which explained the modern technology rose of understanding of societies fom different countries as much as 15% and it brings positive effect for developing of the cultures like traditional dance, sing, or other arts.

All in all, the statement regarding the merit of improvement of technology makes people more closer than other is true and really happen and then makinng people understand the difference of other culture in different areas.(320w).

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