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IELTS Writing Task 2: Presentation skills. Do you think public speaking skill is really important?

People find it very difficult to speak in public or to give a presentation before an audience. Do you think public speaking skill is really important? Give reasons.

the qualities of oration

It has been observed that few people face difficulties to deliver a speech or to give a demo in public. In my view, it is very much essential to master the qualities of oration. This is because enhancing these skills provide a great deal of confidence to an individual.

To begin with, there are plenty of reasons to illustrate the benefits of giving a presentation in public. First and foremost, individuals who can face the world without shy and hindrance are good at handling things with confidence. In other words, people who can clearly express their ideas and make others understand are bound to achieve success. A good illustration is the life history of Dr. Mukesh Batra, who is the founder of Dr. Batra's Group of Medicine. He started off his journey into the field of medicine and brought his company to the international level in a couple of 20 years. In his biography people have shared his qualities of leadership which were the key to his great success, this reveals that having a quality of addressing audience can act as the key to success.

In addition, university education includes pursuing internship and projects in the final year of the course. As a part of this, students are supposed to prepare a presentation to brief their project work in front of lecturers and students. Even though, a student has prepared an excellent presentation, without proper narration skills it is indeed difficult to get a higher band. Universities are giving a lot of stress on these skills and some universities are arranging weekend classes on soft skills which are highly beneficial for students. Thus presentation skills give more exposure for Juveniles and help them to express their ideas clearly.

All in all, communication skill is one of the main soft skills which add flavors to one's professional career. People pursuing these skills are in high demand, who can be appraised and appreciated with some perks.

It has been observed that few people face difficulties to deliver a speech or to give a demo in public. Where is the source that includes this observation? Secondly, I don't think that your opening statement is matching the task of the question (people find it very difficult to speak in public).

On your second paragraph, try to emphasize more on the point that students with proper narration skills are more likely to convince and satisfy their audience.
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Sinchana, the example that you gave about the doctor is irrelevant to the discussion. You presented his success but it does not clearly related to an ability to be able to conduct public speaking. Public speaking is different from merely speaking to people in private. Public speaking requires an audience and simply talking to people can be done in private. The second paragraph that you wrote about students having to speak in public is also not relevant enough. Had you said that public speaking skills are important when a college student is defending his thesis in front of the thesis board, then the requirement for public speaking skills would have been more relevant. Based on the aforementioned problems of your essay, I do not think that you can score higher than a 4 in the actual test.
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