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Printed newspapers in the future can be replaced

ClockWork 2 / 4 1  
Oct 15, 2020   #1
In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with that statement?

It has been argued that future printed newspapers will be replaced since people can access all kinds of information for free. I completely agree with this opinion because of 2 main reasons which will be discussed in this essay

Firstly, reading online newspapers are free and convenient. Owning devices such as smartphone, e-book,.. which are capable of connecting internet become easier and cheaper. Poor people are affordable to buy a new smartphone with low price. So that any individuals can have a device to read online newspapers or books. There are many searching tools such as google, edge,... and many online newspapers applications. With this, people can read all kinds of information and up to date news without limited and they dont have to pay for those information. That is the reason why some journalists decided to write new articles in web so readers can reach the information quickly and precisively.

Another reason is printed newspapers can harm to the environment. Using online newspapers, which journalists can write their articles by their computer and smartphone and post it into the internet. So that everyone can read it without harming environment. But printed newspapers are different from them, to produce large amounts of newspapers everydays, publishers have to use a lot of papers to print on it. Futhermore, it is unable for them to produce a precisive munbers of newspapers everyday. So there will be a lot of extra newspapers and after a day, they will become trash which affect the environment without carefully management.

In conclusion, online newspapers or books are not only convenient and free, but also environmentally friendly than reading printed newspapers or books
studyingabroad 5 / 10 5  
Oct 15, 2020   #2
some suggestions to change:
- the paraphrased sentence seems not clear, you should add something like "... for free through media mass" to alter the word "online".
- please consider about your grammar before summit, there are a few errors in this essay. Btw, you should no use (...)
- you should add linking words and reorder ideas to boost your coherence.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,211 3650  
Oct 16, 2020   #3
You are being asked to consider a discussion point. You are not being asked to represent an argument. So the use of the word "Argument" to describe the topic is incorrect. Rather you could have said :

There has been considerable discussion regarding the future of newspapers or books. There is a belief that printed versions of these print media will become irrelevant as these will become readily available for free online in the future. I completely support this idea because of 2 reasons. First... Second...

If you add the discussion topic outline in the paraphrase, you will help to increase your overall TA score as you will provide a proper rephrasing of the topic, the correct reason for the discussion, your opinion, and the clear supporting reasons for your opinion. The 3-5 sentence format always benefits the exam taker in this part of the test.

Do not use word fillers such as "Firstly" and "Another reason". The coherence and cohesiveness of your discussion will be seen in the way that you use proper transition sentences and related topic sentences within succeeding paragraphs. You would also receive a better overall score when you properly summarize your previous discussions within the concluding summary. Use the 3-5 sentence presentation there also. It is better to have the long version of the conclusion, meaning a summary recap of the discussion, rather than a single run on that implies a new, but under developed opinion. That is a non-requirement in the presentation.

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