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IELTS Writing Task 2: Printed vs Online Newspapers and Books - support your opinion

Keit 1 / -  
Jul 1, 2021   #1
In the future, nobody will buy printed newspapers or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Write at least 250 words.

In recent years, following the advent of the Internet, online newspapers and E-books have become more prevalent and widespread than ever. It is commonly speculated that they will eventually take over traditional printed books and newspapers. In this essay, I will give my opinion on why I think such a scenario is not possible.

It is undeniable that online newspapers and books are free, and so they are available for everyone. In addition, they are more accessible, as it is easier to take out your mobile phone and read on the go.

However, anything that is cheap comes with an expensive cost. Online newspapers may, at times, turn out to be poor quality and nothing of more value than a tabloid. It therefore takes a lot more effort to find a good digital newspaper than to buy a printed one. E-books require electronic reader devices in order to read comfortably, though they are not only pricey, but prone to break as well. Second of all, buying printed newspapers and books help directly support the writer or the author that they love, while digital ones do not really create any connection between the writer and the reader. Last but not least, printed copies of newspapers and books give people a sense of belonging and attachment, which the online counterpart clearly lacks.

In conclusion, while there are certain benefits to digital books and newspapers, I believe that in the future, printed ones will still be used as widely if not more than today.

(251 words)

Is it possible for this essay to reach 7.0? Are there any mistakes or possible things to be improved? Thanks in advance!
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,021 4243  
Jul 2, 2021   #2
There is no possibility that this essay can achieve your target score as there is a clear disconnection in terms of hour you understood the writing instructions. Rather than offering a proper extent of agreement or disagreement response, you changed the discussion format to: I will give my opinion on why I think such a scenario is not possible. That response has nothing to do with the discussion instruction.

The response to the question, as well as the response format is not related to the provided instructions. Prompt alterations such as these indicate a weak English comprehension ability and is always given a failing TA score.

Therefore, although there will be some points credited for the other discussion sections, and the reasoning paragraph seems to offer a related explanation to the prompt, the writers opinion is still not properly indicated anywhere, in relation to the required response format. That is still a major TA problem that relates directly to the C + C score. The only score this essay can receive is a failing one as it failed in a major scoring consideration section, causing a ripple effect in the other scoring aspects.
Samt Lee 3 / 6 2  
Jul 2, 2021   #3
You should rise your own opinion in the introduction to make it clear.
The first body paragragh is absolutely in a wrong structure, you know you should write the two body parts equally. For example, you can write the first one with the first reason from your perspective with some explaination and one example. Similarly, you write the sencond reason for the next one with the same structure. That will be much more easier and represent that you are well-known about the writing instruction. Anyway, you can find some other way, this is just my recommendation.

Finally, in the conclusion, I think that it is kind of short and in this part, you should reconfirm about the topic and give out your personal ideas one more time.
minhhuyenle 1 / 2  
Jul 3, 2021   #4
Your writing showcases a good balance between simple and complex sentences, although the effective use of sentence length cannot be easily measured.
However, you may use a thesaurus to replace or reduce your usage of the following words and/or phrases in your paper:
[i]I think, a lot, Last but not least, good, really, go, and so, more, take, think.....

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