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The problem of ''helicopter parents''

There are growing number of the so-called ''helicopter parents''.In this essay, you should analyse some reasons and effects for the issue.

I would be grateful if you can give some feedback and modify some mistakes .Thanks in advance!

Gone are the days when it was widely acknowledged the idea that spare the rod and spoil the child . Instead , these days, there are an increase in number of helicopter parents .The term "helicopter parent" came into vogue a few years ago among college administrators to define the growing trend of parents who seem just a bit too involved in their child's day-to-day lives at school. It turns out that the overprotective moms and dads come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: hovering over their children and being willing to swoop down to intervene at every setback

The reasons for the rise in number of helicopter parents are not difficult to work out .Most people were impoverished as well as went through lots of hardship in the old days. However, following the vigorous growth of economy in Hong Kong, people go from rags to riches now. They do not want their lovely children having a rough time like them and in hopes of living vicariously through their children. It is , therefore, hard to stay on the side and watch their offspring feel unprepared, inadequate or miserable. They find it heartbreaking and feel it is their parent's job to protect their children from all these unpleasant feelings.

With the changing idea of having baby, most people are determined to give birth to one baby. It is taken for granted that parents regard their unique children as the apple of their eye. Undoubtedly, they will have a great ambition for their children and devote whole-heartedly to them. Therefore, these parents often take care of their children meticulously and do not see it wrong to give the best things for their loved ones; however, it will give rise to spoiled child unconsciously.

It is obvious that want the best for their children but it seems that, in the long run, they probably doing more harm than good.

A common trait of helicopter parents is that they "baby" their children, not allowing them to grow up. This results in children who are less mature than their peers and - according to studies - who don't really know how to get what they need, how to be safe or how to interact with their peers. Children who have had every decision made for them do not acquire the ability to problem solve. When life presents challenges, they are unable to figure out solutions on their own.

Added to the above, the children is not motivated to strike out and make things happen for himself when parents do everything for their children, assisting too much with homework, projects, and social skills,. Experience has taught him that if he wants or needs something, his parents will fill that desire. Children who never have to strive, and take risks, seldom acquire the virtues of perseverance and self-motivation.

Last but certainly not least, children reared by helicopter parents will often take their lack self-sufficiency into post secondary education. They will be affected on a personal basis, and will be unable to think in an autonomous, creative manner. They will find it hard to make friends because of the element of competitiveness that they exhibit and this will be further exacerbated with their inability to share or to be able to sort out conflict and misunderstandings with their peers.

A helicopter parent may have good intentions, but her interference could make her child's much more difficult in the long run. A good parent should allow her children to make mistakes, to learn how win and lose gracefully, and develop constructive problem-solving skills. It takes patience and it requires to believe that your children can do it on their own and let go sometimes.

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