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The problem is whether the printed media will disappear because of the e-books?

hasbi 29 / 42 23  
Oct 7, 2015   #1
With recent developments in technology like e-books, some people feel that printed media like books, newspapers, and magazines will soon be a thing of the past.

Others feel that these forms of media will never disappear.

what is your opinion?

No body doubts that the expansion of technology like e-books is popular currently. Most of people indicate that the presence of it leads to disappear the printed media such as books, newspapers, and magazines. However, others believe that these types of media will be still exist. I firmly agree with the former idea rather than the latter one. This essay will discuss how the printed media vanishes in around the society and why the online media will become famous.

To begin with, printed media like books, newspapers, and magazines become uninteresting subjects for society in recent years due to efficiency to provide information. This is because, as a whole, lots of people move to electronic media. Take example what happened in USA is. In 2010, Committee of Concerned Journalistics (CCJ) has released that approximately 65 percent of Americans stopped to subscribe newspapers and magazines. Consequently, more than 300.000 printed media out of their business and move to release news by these type of media.

On the other hand, online media like e-books experiences a great progress and still exist nowadays. There are several factors related to this why its cases occurred. Firstly, it is one of media which is extremely easy to access, whenever and wherever the people can do it like using smartphone. In addition, electronic media can provide a lot of update information such the latest incident occurred in the world. Also, these kinds of media are predominantly free to access or read, compare with printed media which is usually need to pay.

To sum up, printed media like newspapers, books, and magazines can fade and will become dispensable things in modern era linked to topicality and speed matters of the news. I strongly believe that online media will be notoriously and my prediction is the last daily reader will disappear in 2043.
Diqon 10 / 33 12  
Oct 7, 2015   #2
In my opinion. should more explain here, some facts which appear when people do change the newspaper or magazine results. it will be high score if you do it. im glad to read your essay.
eddies [Contributor] 25 / 1,208 476  
Oct 8, 2015   #3
Some changes in para 1:
- It is undoubtedly that the influx of modern technology like e-books is getting more popular currently.
- As such, most people argue that the presence of e-books are more likely to replace the printed media, such books, newspapers and magazines.

Some changes in para 2:
- efficiency in providing information storage
- moved to release news with these typeS of media

Some changes in para 3:
- online media like e-books achieve great progress and are still available
- There seem to be several factors why this occurs.
- It is one of media which are extremely accessible. As seen, there are now a few low cost smartphones that offer much help to people accessing ebooks

- incident occurring in the world
- Also, these media are bound to be free access, or downloadable, compared with the printed ones which people need to purchase.

Some changes in para 4:
- ... can fade away and will become dispensable in...
- I strongly believe that online media will be commonly acceptable, while the it is forecast to disappear...
OP hasbi 29 / 42 23  
Oct 8, 2015   #4
Thank you very much Mr Eddy and Mr Diqon.

i will try these advice for improving my writing...

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