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Writing Task 2 - Problem and Solution - Young people live in major cities.

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Jun 14, 2022   #1

As major cities in the world are growing today, so do their problems.

What are the problems for young people who are living in the cities as the result of continued growth? What are the solutions for these problems?

It is common these days for young dwellers, particularly those living in metropolitan areas, to overcome plenty of issues. This tendency leads to the youngster in such areas experiencing some mental health problems and an increasing unemployment rate. However, each school and individual can take to address these problems.

Some young people will have some mental health problems when live in urban cities. The people who in rural areas want to pursue higher education or work in urban cities so they may live alone in strange places. Therefore youngsters may experience feelings of loneliness, isolation and worry. In addition, young people could bear the weight of paying all household bills and responsibilities because of the higher cost of living but miss out on emotional support from families or companions. These can contribute to being linked to mental health and other health problems.

Regarding fresh graduates, ones can meet difficulties in seeking a decent job without experience and facing intensive competitiveness. Others struggle with working in a professional work environment where never exposure before. This can result in an increasing natural unemployment rate which deprives (the) economy.

These problems can be tackled by two measures. Considering the first issue, there is a need for young people to take part in extracurricular activities to widen ones' network and horizons. Another measure that young people should stay connected on social media is by joining social platforms which connect strangers and share photos and stories, such as Omegle, Facebook, Tinder, etc. The second problem can be addressed thanks to schools. With organizing practical training classes in public. In this sense, final-year students can get exposure to teachers with practical experiences. These facilities to children have an overview in reality.

In conclusion, although the trend towards constant development in metropolitans leads to posing a threat to young people's mental health and job prospects. It is essential for each individual to keep up with other on social platform. There is a need for schools to arrange a practical classes for senior students.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Jun 14, 2022   #2
This is an essay was written without the benefit of time constraints. Had the writer practiced with a timer present, he would have discovered that this word count cannot be achieved when quality checks are performed on the draft copy. The essay needs to be clear in message but less verbose.

The above advice will only work if the discussion presented is on topic, containing coherent discussion points, and a convincing series of reasons. So, what is the biggest problem of this essay? It went off topic the minute the incoherent prompt restatement was written. It ended with a discussion regarding social media and social connections. Topics that never figured in the original presentation. This will definitely receive a failing score.

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