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[IELTS] - Problems caused by Traffic and its Solutions

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Nov 25, 2013   #1
Hi Please help me with my essay - Nowadays traffic in major cities is worsening. What problems does it create? How can we help solve these problems as individuals?

In the modern world, the metropolitan cities have exploded with population migrating from the rural areas. This has resulted in an unprecedented rise of Traffic in these cities. The main problems caused by traffic congestion are related to the pollution and increase in travelling time to reach destinations. In the following essay these problems along with viable solutions are analyzed.

Firstly, the worse effect of traffic is the pollution that it causes to the environment. The smoke combined with the noise that the vehicles produce causes health issues to the people travelling in traffic. However this can be minimized by the encouraging individuals to use automobiles that use fuels that are eco-friendly helps in tackling the air pollution. Also citizens could be motivated towards the use of public transport rather than travelling individually in a vehicle. These measures help to subdue the pollution that is caused because of rad traffic.

Secondly, the traffic congestion increase the amount of time spent by individuals in commuting to their destinations. This is often due to the fact that road users fail to follow the traffic rules. For example in many of the Indian cities, people don't follow the rules of the road and thus result in traffic blockades that take more time to clear. This problem can be dealt with by instilling the traffic sense among the people that would help in an orderly behavior on roads. The organized traffic takes less time to clear and thus results in less travelling time. Hence it is clear that following traffic rules can help in reducing the time spent in traffic congestion.

In conclusion, the problems caused by traffic can be handled by encouraging the road users towards use of green fuels along with following traffic rules. Nevertheless, government on their part should take steps such as improving the public transport and subsidizing taxes on the fuels that are environment friendly, that help in reducing the problems caused by traffic.
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Nov 25, 2013   #2
Great essay !!! Wide range of vocabulary

I think here are some minor corrections:

However this can be minimized by the encouraging individuals

by the encouraging

These measures help to subdue the pollution that is caused because of rad traffic

perhaps can change to "the pollution that is caused by road traffic"

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