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Problems living in big cities and whether the government should encourage more people to relocate

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Jul 24, 2022   #1

issues pertaining to a city life

People living in big cities face problems; governments should encourage people to move to small towns. What are these problems? Do you agree the government should encourage people to move to small towns?

There is a suggestion that there are more incentives from the authority for people to migrate and settle down in less crowded towns due to the number of problems people face living in metropolises. In my opinion, the two central problems that city dweller encounter is poor air quality and inadequate housing and I totally agree that any governmental encouragement can contribute to mitigate these current problems.

The perennial problem in big cities all over the world is bad air quality. Due to the high volume of traffic, the exhaust fumes released are enormous. For example, most people in Vietnam favour private vehicles over mass transit basically because of their flexibility. This takes a toll on the air people breathe every day and as a consequence, residents, especially those from the youth and elderly population suffer severe respiratory conditions like lung cancer. The second pressing matter is the dearth of housing areas. More and more people move to bigger cities in the search for career prospects and better living standards, inevitably leading to increasing demand for dwellings. The implications of which are skyrocketing prices of properties and those who can not afford will be pushed to run-down places, resulting in the formation of slums. For example, a square meter of land in big cities in Vietnam can inflict cost 30 times larger than that of rural areas and many young people end up living in dilapidated buildings if they want to anchor to the city.

If people are motivated by the government to move to less popular towns, I believe pronounced changes are expected. Firstly, the reduction of traffic volume means a fall in the amount of toxic gases poisoning the air. This will leads to the situation in which everyone enjoys a better atmosphere. Secondly, if more people relocate to the smaller towns, the drain on city dwellers' mind concerning the property will be eliminated as there is more space now and the price will go down. There will be no concern about where to find a decent place without an astronomical price tag.

In conclusion, air pollution and housing shortage are the main issues pertaining to a city life and I completely agree that government should stimulate more people's migration to less crowded cities.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,033 4249  
Aug 5, 2022   #2
The topic restatement is highly confusing. If it is a suggestion, then why did is suddenly turn into a statement of fact in the middle of the sentence? A suggestion for a plan of action is not the same as a plan already in action. The writer has not clearly presented the idea behind the topic restatement. Instead of trying to create a very long sentence, the aim should have been to present a short but clear restatement. An introduction is totally unnecessary. A statement of representation is all that is needed to create a clear rephrasing of the original idea. The writer created a run on sentence in the last line since a totally different idea that could not be connected to the previous idea by the word "and" was provided. Unless related to a previously presented idea, an unrelated idea or response to a question should never be included in the same sentence. Each idea should represent only 1 idea either alone or within a cohesive context.

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