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IELTS Task 1 - Process of changing sea water to drinking water

dynaranjani 27 / 24 18  
Dec 4, 2015   #1
The diagram presents the making process of drinking water from sea using conventional tools. Although the process takes a long time as it relies on the sunlight, it can be obviously seen that it is an extremely simple and cheapest way to make drinkable water.

The equipment consists of roughly a meter of clear dome-shaped plastic, a floating rim, which has been hollowed before, a rubber tube and a drinking water collector. First, the hollowed floating rim is placed on the surface of the sea and ensures that the sun exposes it. In the above this rim, there is the plastic that is tightly bound with it. Then, the rubber tube is set in the bottom corner of the plastic. This tube is actually the connector between drinking water collector and the plastic.

The process begins when sea water goes inside plastic through the hollowed rim. After the puddle can be seen in this rim, the sun evaporates it and change the water into condenses. The much time passes, the more condenses will be formed in the plastic surface. Then, this water condenses flows into the rim and enters to the rubber tube. As a result, there will be lots of water in the collector and eventually, drinking water is ready to be served.

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