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Producing fuel from corn - Writing task 1 - part 1 - flow chart

Jun 21, 2020   #1

The process of producing fuel from corn

The flow chart provides an overview of producing fuel from corn. There are eight main stages in the process of changing corn into ethanol. Beginning with storing corn and end with transporting ethanol fuel. Following this process, corn will be turned into ethanol by the transforming process with three steps as cooking, fermenting, and separating.

First of all, the corn is stored carefully and milled after that. In the next step, water is added during the cooking step. This step takes 4 hours. At the following stage, it takes 48 hours to ferment. Then, the unfinished product is separated into two different parts. The liquid is continued to purify thereby making purifying ethanol. This step takes 5 hours to be finished. On the other way, we also have the solid by-product through the separating process.

Then, ethanol fuel is stored with a special technique. The process concludes with the transporting step.
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Jun 22, 2020   #2
You should have provided the image along with your short descriptive essay. I need the image to be able to judge the accuracy of your description and the validity of your procedural outline. Without it, I cannot say for certain if you wrote a good essay for this task or not. Kindly remember to upload the image with your next essay. That is, if you want to get a complete and accurate review of your work.

By the way, you need to brush up on your vocabulary, You need to familiarize yourself with adjectives that can help you make a more impressive written presentation of your thoughts. For example, rather than saying "two different parts", you could have shown better GRA and LR abilities by saying "two distinct parts". The more advanced vocabulary, used in a natural manner in the presentation,. can always help you increase your scoring considerations.

The task 1 essay always comes in 3 paragraphs. You should have presented at 2-3 sentences more in the last line of this presentation. You could have done that if you had shortened your other paragraphs by avoiding the run-on sentences in your earlier paragraphs. Don't try to compress all the information in one paragraph. That is always the mistake that test takers make. You have to go for clarity. You need to separate the descriptions so the reader can get a better idea of what you want to say and also, why it is important to consider what you are saying. These will combine into a better C&C score for you in the end.

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