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The production level of main fuels in a European country

Jannes 1 / -  
Mar 23, 2020   #1
Hello guys, I am a newbie here and standing in the first step for IELTS. Please help me check my essay. Thanks a lot.

The production level of main fuels in a European country

The line chart depicts fuel production in an unnamed European country in the last two decades of the 20th century.

Overall, petroleum dominated in the amount of mix fuel throughout the survey. Coal production dwindled noticeably, while natural gas increase after a long time of stagnation.

In the 80s, producing coal experiences a downward trend after a peak of 80 tons. In 1988 particularly, it decreased in half (around 50 tons). However, natural gas production still maintained constantly at 40tons. Producing petroleum witnessed 30% rise at the beginning, afterward maintaining this level in a few years

Since 1990, petroleum production had dropped to the original level (about 100 tons) in 1992 and then recovered significantly to 130 tons in 1996 before falling again. Conversely, coal production dipped slightly and reach a new low at 43tons in 2000. By contrast, natural gas production hit the highest new record (approximately 85 tons) in the end of the survey.

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Holt [Contributor] - / 8,157 2307  
Mar 23, 2020   #2
Since you did not post the image that goes with this data report, your essay cannot be reviewed for information accuracy. Only a general statement or review, based on the current writing can be completed.


I am sure that the original image indicated what specific last 2 decades of the 20th century the measurements were based on. You should have indicated it so that the reader, who does not have a copy of the image will be well informed as to the basis of the information you will be presenting. The summary overview needs to be better completed. It lacks overall general information about the image.

You have not written enough words to achieve a moderately better scoring potential. You should aim to write 175-190 words for this task. That will show that you have properly analyzed the information and also done comparison discussions as applicable to the essay. With this type of word count, it may be possible that you will fall short of the 5 band score minimum.

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