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Progress Report English Course

Irmadesyre 2 / 4  
May 11, 2017   #1

I left A2 class and entered in B2 class

This is a very stresful two weeks. I left A2 class and entered in B2 class. At first i think it is to fast but i try to do my best. There are different schedule between the new class and two week ago. The class still began at 07.00 pm to 11.30 pm, but it more discipline. So if we come late even one minute, we can not enter in the class. And only three compulsory subject during this time.

My first class with Mr. Jawa, it was reading class. I think it is good idea to start class with reading because we still fresh to comprehend the passage. We learned about strategy and tricks about reading and eveyday is scoring. I think Mr.Jawa gives a best teaching for us, but there is something wrong with me. In reguler class i am very enthusiastic when we do the task, and i can concentration well. But i am very disapointed when i am scoring tomorrow. I cannot answer well, i am in daydream. And everything about reading strategy was lose.

The next class with Ms. Tami we learn about Grammar 2. There a lot member in the class and it influence to me to understand, eventhough Ms. Tami teaching very well. After i finished my grammar class i should continue to the next class. Listening with Ms. Jawa. For me this class was gloomy because my score was decline significantly. I was sit in near audio speaker and it cant help me. Every morning before the class begin i always listen podcast, before i am sleep, everywhere when i have leisure time i always listening podcast, i wish everytime i listen podcast or TED will be increase my score but it doesnt work. It different when i am in listening 2 class, it more easy and pleasant to me. Maybe it different level between listening 2 and listening 3, or maybe my ability still need process to runing well in listening 3. My score always be the lowest score between other classmates.

At the fisrt, i felt pessimist about scoring, but it is so unpredictable. The last scoring my right answer was 21 and it decline slightly at 19, but its okay than my reading score originally 19 decrease tremendously at 10. I try to found the wrong thing about myself in listening, maybe i lose my concentration because listening class was third class, it different when i am in listening 2 class, that was second class so i am still fresh and i am still have full energy.

The new rule in this weeks are we have two optional class and it began at 01.00 pm to 02.00 pm and 02.00-03.00 pm. The first class is Collocation class, actually i am in writing 1 class but Mr. Wahyu as my tutor and my tutor PT too recomend me to move. Collocation class was a big class, we have 27 member and it was crowded, but i know Ms. Firda is the best tutor so she can handle it better. The next class is Vocab for IELTS with Mr.Dion. He good in teaching. Everytime he gives us about new vocab he ask to applied it in speaking or writing. I know it can training us to prepare in writing and speaking IELTS next periode.

So, At this time, i just wanna tell my progress during 2 weeks in here.

I have different result when i am in class and when i am scoring yesterday. Maybe it just human error. But it very unpleasant moment for me because this was the last reading class but my score was decrease enormously.

I still fight to more understand, and actually it more easy to do writing IELTS part one than lerning grammar. Never give up till the end.

At this time my progress report only tell about my bad score, i am in dangerous level include listening. Maybe i nedd more selfstudy.

Collocation and Vocab for IELTS
Sometimes i think the reason why my scoe was decrease because the athmosphere was different. This weeks only learning and learning, no laughing no joking. So it push me down. But i cannot blame the situation, the only one who take responsible with this situation is myself. I think collocation and vocab class like entertainment class for me to make me laugh and feeling better. But it only one hours and i think it is not enough.

Before i ended my progress report, i'm very pleased to tell about Personalized Training class. I move to B2 class ad i met new classmates and also new tutor. The member only 5 person and i think it is better to more serious for learning IELTS. Mr. Wahyu is the new tutor, i hope much to him to help us more better than before.

But in scoring yesterday maybe i make him disapointed with my score. so i will try my best and i hope i can stand this course with happy ending.

siddiqumar 15 / 9 8  
May 11, 2017   #2
let me give you some suggestions,

This is a very stresful two weeks.

please notice that stressful is an adjective then it cannot become a head of noun phrase and pay more attention on your spelling. You also may need a separation between stressful and two weeks (such giving "of")

There are different schedule between the new ...

please notify more on your subject verb agreement.

hope this helps,
keep cheers,

many thanks,
Adhanice 1 / 3  
May 11, 2017   #3
Please, be carefull with ur spelling, such as disapointed, runing, need, lerning. These ought to disappointed, running, need, learning. May u have to make sure on ur thesaurus dictionary.

Good job girl... ^_^
Muhammad Yoki 1 / 2  
May 11, 2017   #4
my score was decline significantly
You should : My score declined significantly
itaseptiyani 1 / 2  
May 11, 2017   #5
Please using capital if you want write "I"
Attention your full stop
"Cannot" ( no "can not)

Dora Elia Kasih 1 / 1  
May 11, 2017   #6
please attention your grammar and punctation, because there are some mistakes in your sentences. so, try to use complex sentences and passive voice in each paragraph. thanks..

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