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TASK 1: The proportion of dwellers' increase in New Zealand between 1950 and 2020

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May 14, 2023   #1

The percentage of population growth in New Zealand

The line graph illustrates the proportion of dwellers' increase in New Zealand between 1950 and 2020.
Overall, there was an increase in the percentage of inhabitants' growth in the 39-45 age group and elderly people over 65, while the opposite trend of that was true for children who were in the range of 0 to 14 and adults in the 25-37 group. In addition, the seniors who were over 65 years old always showed the highest rate of rising.

In 1950, around 20% of increasing populace was seen in the people falling into the 25 to 37 age group, which was higher than that of 0 to 14 age range, at 5%. 70 years later, the former decreased sharply to exactly 0% in 2020 after experiencing a stable 10-year period from 1990 to 2000, at 10%. Meanwhile, the latter claimed up and exceeded at 10% in 2000 before reaching its peak at 20% in 2020.

Staring at roughly 25% of population growth in 1950, the data of the people aged from 28 to 45 range was approximately a half as low as that of the over 65 age group, at 60%. Both two figures rose dramatically to 1990 with 60% and nearly 50% respectively. However, while the group of people around their thirties and forties saw the unchanged data of 40% at the end of examined period, the elderly who were 65 years old continuously witnessed the considerable drop to around 55%.

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May 14, 2023   #2
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GRA deduction. An apostrophe is never used to signify the plural form of a word. The apostrophe is used to signify personal ownership using a noun. There was no need to use an apostrophe in this case.

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