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The proportion of Omani and Spaniard people by age

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Dec 11, 2019   #1

Oman and Spain Populations

The pie charts shows the percentage of Omani and Spaniard ages of populations from 2005 to 2055.

The group of people aged 60+ years in Spain was the biggest proportion among all of the figures over the years. Initially, Omani aged 60+ years and 0-14 years accounted for 48% as the largest one but the percentage of aged 60+ years became the most populations at 57% in 2055. However, the lowest portion of citizens was people aged 15-59 years in Oman and people aged 0-14 years in Spain throughout the years.

Apart from the previous comparison, Omani aged 60+ years and aged 15-59 years gradually increased to 57% and 6% in 2055 respectively. Similarly, the local aged 15-59 years in Spain rose by 18% in the last period. The inhabitants aged 0-14 years in Oman decreased by 11% in 2055, while Spaniard aged 60+ years and 0-14 years steadily fell to 46% and 12% in 2055.

Overall, Spaniard aged 60+ years presented the highest proportion of populations in both years. However, Oman aged 15-59 years as the lowest position, as well as, Spaniard aged 0-14 years which decreased for five decade period.

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Dec 11, 2019   #2
Task Achievement:
> you attempt to write the overview, but you fail to use this accurately. The differences in past and predicted trends are unclear.
> You select the details, but there is some misconception to understand the data, so majority selected descriptions show flaws
> Be clear about the word local aged, This has a different meaning that you think

Coherence and Cohesion
> You use signposting words to signal comparison and contrast, but some are inaccurate
> You write paragraphs clearly

Lexical Resource
> You use word combinations, but the misuse of which occur in some sentences, like the most populations, the percentage of aged, five decade period

Grammatical Range and Accuracy
> You use a reasonable variety of grammatical structures, but some of which show fragment sentences and comma splices.
> Almost tenses show errors. Learn how to use tenses in the future time frame
> You need to check singular and plural nouns
> Beware of articles

Hope this helps

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