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The proportion of UK student able to speak other languages that their native

some British students are multilingual

The pie charts demonstrate the information on the proportion of UK student who able to speak other languages which included no other language, French, German, Spanish, other language and two other languages than English in 2000 and 2010.

Overall, a high percentage of British students was able to speak Spanish only in both years; whereas, German language user was only a few proportion contained in the graph in 2000 and 2010.

Based on the information provided in the graph, the most British students can only speak Spanish which reached 30%; also 20% of that can only use English for communication. Totally 30% of students can use French only and another language which was not included English, French, German and Spanish. Moreover, 10% of students were better to use German; another 10% students could use two other languages.

On the contrary, the proportion of information had charged in 2010. The number of Spanish language users increased which reached from 30% in 2000 to 35% in 2010. Another language students were increased 5% to 20 in 2010 which had a similar situation to students who can speak two other languages. English and Spanish students had significantly declined to 10% respectively. Also, students who only spoke German had to remain steadily in 2010.

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Lau, where is the chart? I can't help you fix the mistakes of your essay without it. That is a given for every task 1 essay that is uploaded to this site for review. Without it, I can only comment on the form of your essay since that is easily observable in your work. Let's start with the summary overview. You created a single sentence summary overview when that should have at least been a 3 sentence presentation. Your trending statement should have been combined with the summary presentation, along with additional overview data from the chart in order to complete the paragraph structure requirements. All your other paragraphs had at least 3 sentences in it so those were correctly formatted with understandable analysis included, even though your grammar needs to be reviewed for spelling errors, of which there are a number of in this essay. The information you provided throughout seems reliable, but I can't really tell without the chart. So far, this paper has the potential to be a well graded paper. I just can't be sure because I haven't seen the chart that this report is based on.

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